Digital Imaging Design Special Fees

Title Number Fee
Beginning Photoshop DIGI0115 $30
Intermediate Photoshop DIGI0116 $30
Advanced Photoshop DIGI0117 $30
Two Dimensional Design I DIGI0131 $30
Two Dimensional Design II DIGI0132 $30
3D Design & 3D Graphics Modeling DIGI0137 $30
Beginning Illustrator DIGI0174 $30
Advanced Illustrator DIGI0175 $30
Graphic Design: Multi-Media and Web I DIGI0176 $30
Graphic Design: Multi-Media and Web II DIGI0177 $30
Graphic Design: Print Media I DIGI0178 $30
Graphic Design: Print Media II DIGI0179 $30
Publication Design (Quark) DIGI0180 $30
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