Center for Teaching Excellence

Academic Assessment

KCKCC is committed to making life better for students. As part of this commitment, our faculty engage in assessment of student learning in authentic and meaningful ways.

Academic Assessment at KCKCC informs curriculum, enhances teaching, and inspires learning at the course, program and institutional level.

Assessment Informs Curriculum

  • Course modifications can be made based on results.
  • Methods of instruction support student learning

Assessment Enhances Teaching

  • Learning activities and teaching techniques/methodologies and technology are implemented to increase knowledge acquisition.
  • Classroom and instructional resources adequately support the teaching process.

Assessment Inspires Learning

  • Assessment ensures students are learning the desired content.
  • Assessment provides opportunities for students to develop a plan to increase performance and knowledge acquisition.

Organization of Academic Assessment

At KCKCC, academic assessment will be conducted in three primary areas: individual courses, programs, and at an institutional level in an effort to promote student learning. The purpose of this document is to outline the process and structure of academic assessment at KCKCC as well as define the roles that various members of the campus community play in academic assessment.

Go to the Organization of Assessment webpage for more information.

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