Pioneer Career Center STEM+ Program

The STEM+ program is a dual enrollment program geared towards grades 10-12 high school students who are interested in starting early to pursue a career in criminal justice, cybersecurity, biomanufacturing, or robotics. This will be a dual enrollment program, located at the Pioneer Career Center starting in Spring 2018.

Courses are offered in two blocks in the afternoons from 11:45am-2:45pm

Each of these curricula were designed with objectives to allow the student to either pursue an entry level (technician level) position in the field upon completion or continue on to complete an Associates degree in the field of study or transfer the credits to complete a Bachelors degree.

The fields were selected based on the high demand for jobs in the local or regional area. In some cases, internships are available so students can complete the program with both knowledge and experience in the field.


This program is taught by KCKCC instructors and biomanufacturing industry professionals. It includes a mix of classroom instruction and hands-on learning in small teams working with state-of-the-art biomanufacturing equipment.

First Semester
BIOL 0101 Introduction to Biotechnology
BMFR 0100 Survey of Biomanufacturing
BMFR Manufacturing Technician
BIOL 0135 Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology
BMFR Techniques and Instrumentation for Biomanufacturing

Criminal Justice

This program will give you insight into possible jobs that relate to criminal justice such as U.S. Customs Service, private investigation, immigration or working with a private police force. In addition, we teach the information needed for job applications, exams, interviews, and background and character checks.

First Semester
CRJS 0102 Intro to Corrections
CRJS 0103 Police Patrol Procedures
Second Semester
CJRS 0115 Probation and Parole
CRJS 0201 Criminal Investigation
Third Semester
CJRS 0119 Agency Administration in Corrections
CRJS 0210 Legal Issues in Corrections
Fourth Semester
CJRS 0112 Agency Administration in Policing
CRJS 0203 Criminal Law


This cybersecurity program is introductory and covers topics on how to keep networks secure, prevent threats, and respond to network and data breaches. The program is ideal for participants hoping to pursue academic or technical degrees in information security, network security engineer, or security technician certification.



This program will prepare students to become technicians in the rapidly growing field of robotics.  In particular it will focus on technical skills needed to become a robotics technician working in the field to repair and maintain robotics and automation systems.

First Semester
ELET 0120 Electrical Math
ENGR 0108 Circuit Fundamentals
ELET 0255 Programmable Logic Controllers
Second Semester
ENGR 0115 Circuit Analysis
CIST 0101 Computer Concepts and Applications
MACH 0102 Workplace Ethics
Third Semester
MACH 0104 Print Reading
MACH 0111 Mathematics for Manufacturing
ELET 0101 Electromechanical Systems
Fourth Semester
CIST 0117 Networking I
MACH 0110 CNC Operations
CIST 0214 Home Computer Repair

About the Courses

These courses are for college credit. Designed to prepare students to build stackable credentials through certification testing, this experiential, hands-on learning is invaluable for those interested in pursuing careers in this rapidly growing field. KCKCC's computer information systems offer many pathways to transfer some of these courses for associates degrees. Since the transferability of courses will vary depending on the specific four-year institution, it is strongly recommended that if students are intending to transfer to a four-year institution, they must consult with the transfer institution and with their respective KCKCC advisor before enrolling in order to determine the transferability of their courses. It is the student's responsibility to follow the transfer requirements established by his/her transfer institution.
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