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History Department


Aaron Margolis
Assitant Professor
Arts, Communications and Humanities 


Welcome to the History Department at Kansas City Kansas Community College. We believe that studying history gives student the skills to learn critical thinking and study skills that applies to all disciplines. We invite you to learn more about our program, classes, and exciting opportunity outside the classroom to engage with history.

The KCKCC history department's mission is to introduce students to the study of change over time, the critical analysis of primary sources, and be informed of United States and world history. Students will be better informed and aware of the complexity of the past and its continued influence upon the present.


We offer a variety of classes from Latin American history to modern United States history. We don’t memorize facts or names, we engage with stories and people that shaped the ages of long ago. In class students will read historical archives, reading the voices of historical actors from generations past. The history professors of KCKCC do not pour knowledge into students but ask students to learn together.

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Easy Transferability

The history classes you take at KCKCC transfer to four-year institutions or even other community colleges. To understand more about how your history classes and other classes on our course transfer webpage.

What Can I Do with History?

Studying history offers a variety of options to students from teaching and museum work, to using your research skills in multiple fields. KCKCC history professors are excited to talk to those students who might be interested in pursuing a history major and what steps you can take to be successful.

Learn more at the American Historical Association's website

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