Ishfaq Ahmed, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator

Elizabeth Hicks

Edward Kremer, Ph.D.
Dean, Math, Science and Computer Technology


The Biomanufacturing program is designed to prepare individuals to become biomanufacturing technologists in manufacturing facilities where aseptic techniques and biosafety concerns are needed (e.g., animal health, medical, or food packaging).

Biomanufacturing Certificate

The biomanufacturing program offers certificate course to the students interested in biotechnology/ biomanufacturing field. This one-year program is based on 16 credit hours spread in two semesters. Biomanufacturing program provides necessary knowledge, and skills to be eligible to enter as professional workforce in Biomanufacturing Industry. After successful completion of this program, students can apply for entry-level jobs in biomanufacturing industry around the area or pursue for 30 credit hour biomanufacturing certificate (Cert B) at KCKCC.

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Bio + Program

The Bio+ program combines foundational science knowledge with advanced laboratory skills and professional practices to ensure that students are prepared to enter college as a STEM major and/or take an entry level position in the bioscience industry. Students have fun while taking part in coursework, meet STEM mentors and industry players, take part in industry site visits, work shadows & conferences.

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Between Columbia, Missouri, and Manhattan, Kansas, sits the single largest concentration of animal health interests in the world. More than 300 companies supporting the Animal Health Industry call the KC Animal Health Corridor home.

Skills Learned

  1. Basic biochemistry techniques like pipetting, preparing buffers, analysis of biomolecules, aseptic techniques, microscopy, colorimetry, standard operating procedures and documentation
  2. Cell culture
  3. Bacterial culture using bioreactor
  4. Differential staining of various bacteria
  5. Gene cloning
  6. Restriction enzyme digestion
  7. DNA, RNA and Plasmid extraction
  8. PCR and DNA Fingerprinting
  9. Western blotting and ELISA
  10. Chromatography and centrifugation
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