Academic Policies and Procedures

Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the rules and regulations of the College as set forth in the academic catalog. Official announcements are posted regularly on campus bulletin boards and published in the College newspaper and website.

Academic Honesty

It is assumed that all students are enrolled in class to learn; therefore, cheating is not an acceptable practice. Dishonesty of any type in a course, including examinations or plagiarized materials, can result in a grade of F and may be cause for suspension or dismissal. Plagiarism occurs when a student uses the ideas or writing of another person and passes the information off as his or her own work.


Students are expected to have regular and punctual attendance in class and other college activities. The College is interested in the educational development of its students, and attendance in class is considered a necessary part of the process. When absent, a student misses material covered in class that may not be covered in the reading assignments. Students are held responsible for all information and assignments missed due to their absence. Each instructor informs the class of his/her attendance policy in a written format at the beginning of the semester.

Class begins promptly at the scheduled time. Students who arrive late interrupt class and may be considered absent. In the event the instructor is delayed for the start of class, students are expected to wait 20 minutes before leaving the room.

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