General Education

General Education provides students with facility in the use of the English language and a broad intellectual experience in the major fields of knowledge. It ensures that each graduate will have experienced some of the content, method, and system of values of the various disciplines which enable humanity to understand itself and its environment at a level of abstraction beyond that found in secondary school studies.

The following General Education Core Competencies have been developed by Kansas City Kansas Community College faculty. All students are expected to be proficient in the following areas before the degree is awarded

General Education Core Competencies

KCKCC general education requirements are considered fulfilled after submission and posting of relevant credits from an official transcript indicating the completion of an Associate in Arts degree, Associate in Science degree, or Baccalaureate degree or above from a regionally accredited college or university. Specialized programs may require enrollment in a completion of science and other designated courses.

General Education Vision Statement

In order to lay a broad foundation for students' education and develop the skills necessary for participation in a free and democratic society, the KCKCC General Education program endeavors to enhance students' understanding of language and communication, to improve the quality of their reading and writing, to develop analytical and critical thinking skills, to deepen their awareness of our national and global heritage and interconnections, and foster lifelong learning.

General Education Core Requirements

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