Course Information

Course Numbers

At KCKCC, the numbering system for classes is not meant to restrict students but to assist them in their academic planning. Classes are numbered accordingly:

Courses numbered 0-99
Courses numbered 0-99 do not transfer to four-year universities or count towards graduation at KCKCC. These college preparation classes aid students who have not recently completed four (4) years of English and three (3) years of math in high school.

Courses numbered 0-99 may be required prerequisites to courses numbered 100-200.
Courses numbered 100-199 are suggested as freshman level courses.
Courses numbered 200-299 are suggested as sophomore level courses.

Course Load

For Fall and Spring semesters, a student’s course load typically ranges from 12-18 hours with 15 being the average. For the Summer semester and mid-term/late term start courses, six credit hours is the average. Students are not permitted to enroll in more than 18 credit hours during a regular semester without permission from the Dean of the course discipline.

Repeating Courses

General Guidelines

A student may attempt a course three times at KCKCC. If a student is not successful in completing the course after the third attempt, they must complete the course at a different accredited Community College or University and transfer the course back to KCKCC.

Students can repeat courses for the purpose of raising their grade-point average only if a grade of D or F is earned in a class.

When a course is repeated, the newly earned grade cancels, but does not remove, the previous grade recorded on the transcript. The new grade is used to figure the cumulative grade-point average.

Request to Repeat a “C” or Better Grade

Students seeking a degree or certificate at KCKCC who wish to repeat a course in which they earned a grade of “C” or better need special permission to repeat the course, unless the student plans are to audit the course. The following criteria are used in the judgment of granting permission to repeat a course for which a grade of “C” or better was earned.

  • Occasionally, at the instructor’s discretion, a student is required to repeat a course in its entirety if an incomplete grade was earned in the class.
  • Specialized programs may require students to re-enroll in a course if it was taken more than seven (7) years ago in science fields.
  • A Program Coordinator requires repeating a course for refresher purposes to follow an industry sequence of program requirements.

Students should meet with their Student Success Advisor or Program Coordinator to determine eligibility to repeat the course, then submit all supporting documentation to the Registrar’s Office for recommendation. Students will be notified in written correspondence of the decision to approve or deny the repeat.

  • Students are not eligible to repeat a course that was part of their earned KCKCC degree.
  • Students who have completed a course with a “C” grade or better at KCKCC who are wanting to repeat that course for acceptance into a program at a transfer school must submit documentation from the transfer school that repeating this course is required. The documentation must be on the transfer school’s letterhead, signed and dated by the transfer school’s program director. This documentation will be provided to the Student Success Advisor upon enrollment then submitted to the Registrar’s Office for final approval
If approved, the most recent grade is used and excludes all prior grades from GPA calculation. Repeating a course with a grade of “C” or better eliminates the student from graduating with honors.
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