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Welding Technology - Certificate

Program Code - CIP Code: WELD.TCERTA/WELD.TCERTB/48.0508
Credits Required: Cert A: 20 | Cert B: 40
Academic Division: Career and Technical Education

This program is designed to teach specific skills in all aspects of the welding trade, including blueprint reading, metallurgy, oxy-acetylene and semi-automatic cutting, brazing, and industry standard welding processes in a standard set of positions. Students learn welding processes to work with cast iron, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and alloy metals. Apprenticeship opportunities with over 10 skilled craft unions are available through the Construction Apprenticeship Tech Prep Consortium for graduates.

American Welding Society certification is available by appointment during the day at TEC. Program completers will be prepared for AWS certification in most processes. Individuals who have welding experience but desire AWS certification should call 913-288-7800 to make arrangements for evaluation and testing or review sessions.

Requirements for admission to the program:                                    

  • No requirements for admission to the program.
  • Contact program for program-specific advising.

Welding Technology Requirements: Certificate A*

Course Credit Hours
WELD 0100 Welding Safety 2
WELD 0105 Welding Blueprints 3
WELD 0110 Cutting Process 3
WELD 0120 SMAW I 3
WELD 0130 GMAW I 3
WELD 0140 GTAW I 3
WELD 0201 Oxy-Fuel Welding 1
WELD 0202 Intermediate Welding Techniques 1
BUSN 0250 Obtaining Employment 1
*See course syllabi for Welding Technology course prerequisites.
Total Hours for a Welding Technology Certificate A 20

Welding Technology Requirements: Certificate B*

Course Credit Hours
  Completion of Certificate A Requirements 20
 Electives (Selected by Instructor)  
WELD 0255
WELD 0260
WELD 0265
WELD 0270
WELD 0275
WELD 0280
WELD 0285
Aluminum Welding (4hrs)
Stainless Steel Welding (4hrs)
Fabrication Welding (4hrs)
Automated Welding and Cutting (4hrs)
Pipe Welding (4hrs)
Welding Codes and Advanced Inspection (4hrs)
Internship (4hrs)
*See course syllabi for Welding Technology course prerequisites.
Total Hours for a Welding Technology Certificate B 40
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