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Office Assistant - Certificate

Program Code - CIP Code: OFFA.TCERTA/52.0401
Credits Required: 18
Academic Division: Math, Science, Business and Technology

The Office Assistant certificate prepares graduates for entry-level positions in office environments.  Students receive training in courses such as Business English, Microcomputer Business Software, and Customer Service.  The Office Assistant certificate can be transferred into the Administrative Office Professional certificate.  Any deviation from the program must be approved by the Dean of Math, Science and Computer Technology.

Requirements for Admission to the program:

  • No requirements for admission to the program.
  • Contact program for program-specific advising.

Office Assistant Requirements*

Course Credit Hours
BUSN 0140 Essential Career Skills 1
BUSN 0191 Microcomputer Apps I-II:  Advanced Word 2
BUSN 0250 Obtaining Employment 1
BUSN 1151 Keyboarding 1
BUSN 1152 Document Formatting 1
BUSN 1153 Speedbuilding I 1
BUSN 2201 Records Management 1
BUSN 2202 Business English 1
BUSN 2203 Proofreading 1
BUSN 2253 Customer Service 2
CIST 0111 Microcomputer Business Software 3
CIST 0166 Microcomputer Applications I:  Spreadsheets 3
*See course syllabi for Office Assistant course prerequisites.

Total Hours

Total Hours for an Office Assistant Certificate 18
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