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Electronics Engineering Technology - Associate in Applied Science

Program Code - CIP Code: ELEC.AAS/15.0303
Credits Required: 60-62
Academic Division: Math, Science, Business and Technology

This program is designed to prepare students to work in the field of electronics.  The program provides a solid foundation in electronics theory, applications, and a view into emerging technologies.  Core courses focus on fundamentals of electrical theory, electronic theory, and digital electronics.   Emphasis is placed on firsthand experiential learning and general lab skills.  Students will be prepared to operate, install, troubleshoot, repair, maintain, and service electronic equipment and systems.  Courses in this program emphasize proficiency in theory and the attainment of skills and competencies vital to workforce needs.

Requirements for admission to the program:
  • No requirements for admission to the program.
  • Contact program for program-specific advising.

College Requirement

Course Credit Hours
BLUE 0101 Freshman Seminar 1

General Education

Course Credit Hours
ENGL 0101 ENGL 0101 Composition I* 3
ENGL 0102 Composition II* 3
SPCH 0151 OR
SPCH 0201
Public Speaking OR
Interpersonal Communication
MATH 0105 College Algebra or higher* 3
NASC 0130 OR
BIOL 0141
Introductory Physics* OR
Human Anatomy

Humanities Elective OR
Social Science Elective

Total Hours for General Education Requirements 18
*See course syllabus for prerequisite.

Electronics Engineering Technology Technical Requirements*

Course Credit Hours
ENGR 0108 Electronic Circuit Fundamentals 3
ELEC 0120 DC Circuits* 4
ELEC 0210 AC Circuits* 4
ELEC 0212 Semiconductor Devices* 4
ELEC 0225 Electronic Communication Systems* 4
ELEC 0115 Digital Electronics I* 4
ELEC 0215 Digital Electronics II* 4
CIST 0101 Computer Concepts 3
CIST 0120 Programming Fundamentals* 4
ELEC 0220 Microcontrollers* 4
Technical Electives (3-4)  
ELEC 0250 Electronics Internship* (3)
CIST 0117 Networking I* (3)
CIST 0180 Programming Algorithms* (4)
ALHT 0127 Medical Terminology (3)
Total Hours Electronics Engineering Technology Requirements 41-42
*See course syllabi for Electronics Engineering Technology course prerequisites.

Total Hours

Total Hours for an Associate in Applied Science in Electronics Engineering Technology Degree 60-61
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