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Early Childhood Education and Development - Associate in Applied Science

Program Code - CIP Code: ECED.AAS / 19.0708
Credits Required: 65
Academic Division: Social and Behavioral Sciences and Public Services

College Requirement

Course Credit Hours
BLUE 0101 Freshman Seminar 1

General Education Requirements

Course Credit Hours
ENGL 0101 Composition I* 3
ENGL 0102 Composition II* 3
SPCH 0151 OR
SPCH 0201
Public Speaking OR
Interpersonal Communication
MATH 0110 Business Math** OR higher 3
PSYC 0101 Psychology* 3
ENGL 0107 OR
HIST 0105
Children’s Literature (Recommended) OR
United States Since 1877
  Natural and Physical Science Elective 3
Total Hours for General Education Requirements 21
* See course syllabus for prerequisite. ** Math sequence is contingent upon previous high school mathematics background and transfer   institution. Students should confer with an advisor to determine correct placement.

Early Childhood Education & Development Requirements

Course Credit Hours
ECED Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3
ECED 0110 Infant, Toddler I 3
ECED 0111 Infant, Toddler II 3
ECED 0112 Preschool Child I 3
ECED 0113 Preschool Child II 3
ECED 0120 Portfolio Development in Early Childhood 4
ECED 0143 Creative Activities for Young Children 3
ECED 0150 Health, Safety and Nutrition in Early Childhood 3
ECED 0170 Early Childhood Curriculum 3
ECED 0180 Developing Language and Literacy in Early Childhood 3
PSYC 0202 Child Development* 3
ECED 0210 Family, Community and Professional Partnerships 3
ECED 0220 Social Emotional Development and Behavior 3
ECED 0260 Early Childhood Internship 3
Total Hours for Early Childhood Education & Development Requirements 43
* See course syllabi for Early Childhood Education & Development prerequisites.

Total Hours

Total Hours for an Associate in Applied Science in Early Childhood Education & Development Degree 65
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