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Sociology - Associate in Arts

Program Code - CIP Code: SOSC.AA.24.0101
Credits Required: 60
Academic Division: Social and Behavioral Sciences and Public Services

Sociology is the systematic study of human society and social institutions. As a social science, it has developed broad perspectives and formulated methods of social investigation based on sound scientific theories. Sociology begins for the most part with the assumption that we are inherently social animals shaped by our social environment and that individual behavior results from the social constraints found in every society. The social institutions such as family, religion, politics, education, sports, media, and health care are complex creations which must be investigated and understood in order to function properly and for the good of all. To study sociology is to study all of the histories, complexities, intricacies of society in general and the interaction between people and these institutions in particular. Sociologists and those utilizing sociological knowledge and methodologies are in a position to contribute to society by developing and enriching their own personal and professional life. Sociology can provide the necessary foundation to those aspiring to pursue a career in the field of public administration, private and public enterprises, human relations, community development, social work, education, child care and law. 

Requirements for admission to the program:                                 

  • No requirements for admission to the program.
  • Contact program for program-specific advising.

College Requirement


Credit Hours

BLUE 0101

Freshman Seminar


General Education Requirements

Course Credit Hours
ENGL 0101 Composition I * 3
ENGL 0102 Composition II * 3
SPCH 0151 OR
SPCH 0201
Public Speaking OR
Interpersonal Communication
MATH 0105 OR
MATH 0115
College Algebra OR
HIST 0104 OR
HIST 0105
United States to 1877 OR
United States Since 1877
PHIL 0206 Ethics* 3
  Humanities Core Elective 3
PSYC 0101 Psychology * 3
SOSC 0107 Sociology 3
  Natural or Physical Science Core Elective (Lecture with Lab) 5
  Foreign Language Elective 5
  Total Hours for General Education Requirements 37-39
**See course syllabus for prerequisite ** Math sequence is contingent upon previous high school mathematics background and transfer institution. Students should confer with an advisor to determine correct placement.

Sociology Requirements

Course Credit Hours
Choose 20-22 hours from the following  
ANTH 0100
ANTH 0105
ANTH 0106
ECON 0201
GEOG 0101
SOSC 0103
SOSC 0108
SOSC 0109
SOSC 0134
SOSC 0207
SOSC 0209
SOSC 0215
General Anthropology (3hrs)
Archaeology (3hrs)
Native American Indians (3hrs)
Principles of Macroeconomics (3hrs)
Introduction to Cultural Geography (3hrs)
Introduction to Social Science (3hrs)
Sociology of the Family (3hrs)
Diversity Studies * (3hrs)
Criminology * (3hrs)
Urban Sociology * (3hrs)
Social Problems * (3hrs)
Introduction to Human Services (3hrs)
  Total Hours for Sociology Requirements 20-22
*See course syllabi for Sociology course prerequisites.

Total Hours

Total Hours for an Associate in Arts in Sociology Degree 60
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