Strategic Direction Three

Improve Student Retention

Goal 3.1

Increase the retention rate of first time student cohorts 


  • Follow up with students-at-risk, provide advising, and leave rigorous documentation of the outcome
  • Offer more opportunities to build relationships/community among students, faculty, and staff
  • Offer more opportunities for students to voice their opinions and concerns (forums, suggestion boxes, surveys, etc.) and show resolutions
  • Provide friendly human contact at all entry points
  • Improve access to accurate and timely data regarding student retention
  • Identify barriers to student success in progressing through coursework toward their educational goals and provide additional support.
  • Improve success in completion of students in 2 or more developmental classes.
  • Utilize textbook rental and lower the cost of supplies and textbooks


  • The first to second year retention rate of first time college ready students
  • Fall to Spring retention rate of first time developmental students
  • Success rates in developmental classes.

Goal 3.2

Increase the number of returning students who are stop-outs for at least one semester


  • Contact students who did not return from previous semesters with 30 or more credit hours and without any major holds or with only minor holds (i.e. library book return holds, small amount money holds, etc) and assist to clear holds and make it easy for them to enroll.
  • Follow up with students who left and leave rigorous documentation of the reason


  • Number of returning students from stop-outs for at least one semester

Goal 3.3

Increase student satisfaction 


  • Have designated people to answer the phone
  • Develop one-stop services for most, if not all, student services (admission, fin-aids, advising, etc.) to minimize run-arounds.
  • Educate all employees on our policies and procedures, develop a step-by-step document and have it available on easy-to-find locations. 
  • Renovate Library to build Learning Commons and co-locate Library and Academic Resource Center for better service to students.
  • Improve student knowledge of the social, financial, and academic supports available to them on campus
  • Upgrade Campus Life at KCKCC
  • Create a culture of extraordinary customer service


  • Average scores from Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Survey
  • Average scores from CCSSE Survey
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