Goal 5.1

Improve college-wide communication among administration, faculty and staff


  • Designate a spokesperson to cabinet who handles communication stream down or up.
  • Increase the frequency of the communication from president’s cabinet on a various issues to x times a week/month/year.
  • Increase the frequency of the leadership retreat
  • Create a Centralized point of staff / faculty communication. 
  • Develop an electronic depository using MyDotte with categories for ease of finding information (Calendar of Events. BOT / Policy Updates, Gold Star Page – Applause and Accolades, Bereavement etc.)
  • Put communication contribution in the employee evaluation
  • Reward and recognize employees who are champions of communication
  • Promote unity and interconnectivity among (academic) departments
  • Implement “opt-in” for some list and mandatory for admin list
  • Create Campus-wide calendar for all events
  • Establish a chronology for time sensitive articles


  • Average scores on Communication Survey