The Center for Equity, Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement (CEIM) is a gathering place where all are welcome.  Please feel free to stop by the CEIM for complimentary beverages, good conversation, and interaction with students, faculty, staff and community members. We are located on the lower level of the Jewell Building RM 2303.

Center Mission

The mission of the Center for Equity, Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement is to create a college climate that demonstrates KCKCC’s commitment to civil rights, social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion by integrating equity, inclusion, and diversity into all aspects of the KCKCC operations. We advocate for a just and inclusive college climate, regardless of individual differences, beliefs, or identities for all students, faculty, staff and community.

KCKCC’s Commitment to Racial Equity

The Kansas City Kansas Community College senates, faculty, staff and administration stand in support of all our Black students, staff, faculty, and community. As an educational institution in an urban community, it is crucial that we fight against systemic injustices, oppression and racism. KCKCC is committed to educating the future leaders who will enact policy changes that promote equity and justice for all. We stand in solidarity in recognizing and upholding the belief that Black lives matter, and must always matter, in order for all lives to matter.


KCKCC’s key priorities for creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive campus environment:

  1. Cultivate an inclusive campus and college climate.
  2. Close or eliminate opportunity and equity gaps for student access and outcomes.
  3. Attract, hire and retain a diverse faculty and staff committed to equity, inclusion and belonging.
  4. Assess and mitigate equity on all campus and college climate concerns.
  5. Adopt and integrate guiding frameworks to support the learning and development of students, faculty and staff.
  6. Improve accountability tools for assessing KCKCC’s progress toward equitable opportunity and success.

Equity and Inclusion Council

The Equity and Inclusion Council (EIC) is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment that is dedicated to the success of all members of the KCKCC community, which reflects the broad diversity of experiences and perspectives.

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Non-Discrimination Policy Statement

Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) is committed to promoting and sustaining a campus community which identifies and values the individuality of every community member and is dedicated to maintaining a positive environment where diversity and inclusion is encouraged and fostered throughout the College.

KCKCC prohibits discrimination against any member of the College community on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, sex/gender (to include orientation, identity or expression), military/veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law and/or KCKCC policies. KCKCC will conduct its programs, services and activities consistent with applicable federal, state and local laws.