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Facilities Master Plan

Facilities Master Plan

A college Facilities Master Plan (FMP) is a comprehensive blueprint that charts the course for the development and enhancement of our campus infrastructure.  The plan is a strategic visioning document intended to guide the long-term development of facilities to meet the needs of students in the future.  Typically, the planning window is for 10-20 years.  The plan considers long range growth projections, goals, development opportunities, and the vision for the college’s buildings. 

The FMP is a planning document intended to guide future discussions.  In the short-term, several efforts are underway to explore implementing portions of the plan.  For example, establishing a clear 'Welcome Center and One Stop Shop' inside the Jewell entrance; as well as creating pedestrian pathways through the main campus parking lots.

In the long term, discussions will continue to pursue conceptual plans based on the highest needs and funding options.

“One College” Vision

Kansas City Kansas Community College is a place where great things happen. It is a vibrant, collegiate, technology-rich learning destination. The student experience is the focus, providing a powerful sense of inclusion, safety and attention to academic success for every student in this learner-centered environment.

KCKCC’s facilities both foster and reflect its recognized excellences and differentiators. All locations appear as “One College” - a visually attractive, user-friendly, cohesive brand where sustainability is prioritized, technical partnership programs mirror industry in look and function, and is financially sustainable.

Over the next 15 years, the college will be transformed into a resilient, flexible, enduring campus for the next 100 years.

Prioritized Goals

  1. Visually attractive remodel with a cohesive brand 
  2. Facilities reflect future-thinking and flexibility
  3. A “One College” that feels collegiate
  4. Financially sustaining 
  5. Competitive technology-rich learning environment
  6. A learner-centered environment
  7. Prioritize sustainability by making the Green Campus green
  8. Safety
  9. A place where work & classes are a flexible hybrid for employees and students 
  10. A great student experience is a priority– where students want to stay on campus
  11. Improve design layout and make campus user friendly
  12. Reflect and maximize our excellence and differentiators
  13. Robust programs and partnerships - that mimic industry in look and function
  14. Facilities that correlate with KCKCC’s national recognition
  15. A setting where all are proud
  16. A place where great things happen 

Key Elements of the Plan

  • Complete a full inventory of current facilities.
  • Optimize college space utilization by conducting an analysis of usage for all buildings and spaces including classrooms, offices, storage, outdoor areas and other real estate and identifying opportunities to consolidate and optimize services.
  • Identify key opportunities for the College to leverage unutilized and underutilized facilities.
  • Build a phased, long-term plan for renovations and new construction that reflects the College values towards learning and work to meet the meet evolving needs of students, faculty, staff and members of the community.
  • Create a recommended campus transportation and parking plan to meet the needs and opportunities for new or enhanced walking paths, roadways, access drives, and ideas to improve transportation to/from/among campuses.
  • Estimate the capital funding requirements in today’s dollars.

Plan Development Process

In 2020, a Request for Proposals (RFP) was issued to identify a planning firm to assist the College with undertaking a Facilities Master Plan (FMP).  Treanor Architects was selected to lead this effort. However, due to the pandemic, the project was on hold until 2022. 

The plan focus was the main campus as well as the Technical Education Center facilities 1, 2, and 3 as well as Fire Science.  The Leavenworth County site was not included as there is an established concept plan to relocate the current site at Pioneer Career Center in the City of Leavenworth to build a new facility on land the College acquired in the City of Lansing.  It is hoped this plan will be further developed in the next 3-5 years.

The consulting team undertook a significant amount of data gathering including a facility inventory, classroom usage analysis, traffic studies, and various conceptual plans.  The Steering Committee consisted of Cabinet as well as the Facilities Director.  The consultant team met with individual departments to gather information on the current and future envisioned needs.  In the spirit of shared governance, a number of open forums were held throughout the process seeking input on proposed future buildings, significant renovations of existing facilities, road and parking infrastructure improvements, and general beautification concepts.

Proposed Projects

Please note the projects are not in any prioritized order.

Facilities Master Plan Projects
Projects Cost (As of Fall 2023)
Student Union $11,641,663
Event Center + Dining + Outdoor Plaza $22,115,687
Early College Reno + Courtyard $19,051,250
Community Ed Addition + Entry Plaza $2,670,000
Jewell Lounge Addition + Learning Commons Relocation $9,690,625
New Health Building with Simulation Hospital $5,175,000
Fieldhouse Addition + Wellness Addition $13,045,000
Innovation Center $14,250,000
Performing Arts Center Reno + Addition $10,087,500
West Parking Lot $639,583
Entrance Canopy + Addition $3,370,000
One-Stop-Shop Renovation $723,600
Secondary Entrance Canopy $780,000
Upgraded Pond + Adjacent Landscaping $2,759,065
East Ring Road Modifications $2,527,691
Right-in/Right-out Connection $125,185
North Ring Road Modifications $962,581
Corridor Conversion - Math $652,500
Corridor Conversion - Social Science $742,500
Corridor Conversion - Humanities $1,343,250
South Courtyard Improvements $1,207,477
North Courtyard Improvements $885,098
Maintenance Building Addition $1,125,000
Modified and Enhanced Trail $217,500
Softball Field $2,794,500
Second Residence Hall $38,100,000
East Parking Lot Renovation $414,798
Exterior Improvements $1,802,500
Future TEC Building $9,579,215
Fire Science Lobby + Yard $1,117,550
Auto Collision Lobby $1,468,500
Diesel and HEVI-EV Tech Addition $7,847,510
Auto Technology Center $668,475
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