KCKCC and its partners fully believe that a zip code should not determine a person’s level of success, health or social wellbeing. To provide the facilities and programs that will serve the diverse needs of students and employers, today and tomorrow, KCKCC envisions to work with its partners and philanthropic supporters to create the KCK Community Education, Health and Wellness Center.

"As a community we must do better! Working collaboratively with Kansas City Kansas Public Schools, the YMCA of Greater Kansas City, Wyandot Behavioral Health Network, Swope Health and CommunityAmerica Credit Union, KCKCC plans to build a collaborative and comprehensive community education, health and wellness center that meets the holistic needs of those living in KCK’s urban core."

- KCKCC President Greg Mosier

Renderings and Animations created by PGAV Architecture

See the Downtown Education Center in a New Way

This architectural rendering video showcases the entire outside design of the center. It also shows where KCKCC and its partners will be located within the center itself.

Building a Sustainable Community

Highlighted Proposed Offerings

Highlighted Proposed Offerings

  • Automation Engineering
  • Commercial Construction Technology
  • Counseling and Support Services
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • General Education Diploma (GED)
  • Primary Health Clinic
  • Youth Activities
  • Youth Enrichment & Leadership

Telling Our Story

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