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Scholarships FAQ

Do I need to submit more than one application?

No! Each student only needs to submit ONE online application for each semester. Foundation's scholarship software applies your completed application to each scholarship that you qualify for. After submitting your application, visit the scholarship tab on the left side of the screen to see which scholarships you were applied to.

When will I know if I am awarded a Foundation scholarship?

Every applicant will be notified of the award status approximately 4-6 weeks after the scholarship deadline. If awarded a scholarship, the student must complete an acceptance form and thank you note on their scholarship dashboard or funding will not be received.

Do I need to reapply for a scholarship each semester?

Yes! Each semester the student needs to submit a new online application with supporting documents, unless the scholarship criteria states otherwise. For example, the Asian American Chamber of Commerce Scholarship is awarded for one academic year, which would include fall and spring semesters. If the student is awarded the Asian American Chamber of Commerce Scholarship, they do not have to submit a new application in the spring.

When will my scholarship be applied to my student account?

Scholarship funding will be posted to the student’s account mid-semester of the award period. For example, if you receive a scholarship for Spring semester, you should see it applied to your student account by mid-spring semester.

Do I need a Faculty Recommendation Letter?

Some Foundation scholarships require a letter of recommendation. If you are eligible for a scholarship that requires a letter of recommendation, you will be asked to complete a follow-up step after submitting your general application. Please reach out to the faculty member you would like to ask directly. Most faculty members would prefer that you email or call them directly to ask for a letter of recommendation. If the faculty member agrees, you may assist them with the following process on your application:

Click on the "Complete Follow-Up" button to access the letter of recommendation request form. Students should notify the instructor before requesting a letter.  When prompted, simply enter in the instructor's name and email address and an email will be sent to the instructor. Instructors will click the link included in that email to upload the letter of recommendation directly to the student's application. Students will not be able to view the letter, however students can see if the instructor has submitted the letter or not. Once the instructor has uploaded the letter, the student must revisit the Follow-Up step and click the "Submit Application" button at the bottom of the screen to complete the process.

Do dual enrolled students qualify for Foundation scholarships?

No, dual enrolled high school students do not qualify for Foundation scholarships. Only dual enrolled high school students in their final high school semester are eligible to apply for scholarships if they plan to continue on at KCKCC after high school graduation.

How do I use my KCKCC Foundation scholarship for books?

Required books and supplies can be purchased with your KCKCC Foundation scholarship at the KCKCC Bookstore.

A book voucher is needed to make these purchases. Please visit the KCKCC Business Office (Room 3260) to receive a book voucher on your student account in order to use your scholarship at the Bookstore. The book voucher may only be used for textbooks and specific educational expenses required for coursework. 

What kind of expenses does my Foundation scholarship cover?

All KCKCC Foundation scholarships cover educational expenses unless specified otherwise by the donor in the scholarship criteria. Educational expenses are any direct costs charged to students' accounts, including tuition, fees, required books and supplies, and student housing. No direct cash payments are allowed, unless specifically stated in the scholarship criteria.

What is the minimum number of credit hours I must be enrolled in to be considered full time?

  • 12 credit hours or more for traditional students 
  • 10 credit hours for Culinary Arts programs
  • 8 credit hours for the EMT-P program 
  • 6 credit hours or more for students enrolled in 8-week courses and summer semesters 
  • Health Professions program credit hours dependent upon course availability

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