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Reporting a Crime

If you are the victim of a crime that occurs on campus or you observe a crime occur on campus you should report it directly to the KCKCC Campus Police Department as soon as possible, so that appropriate reports and investigations can be initiated. Likewise, if you are involved in a vehicular accident on campus it should be reported to the Campus Police for a report to be taken. Should an emergency situation arise on campus the KCKCC Campus Police Department should be contacted immediately. The Campus Police can contact the School Nurse for assistance with medical emergencies. Furthermore, the Campus Police have radio contact with the city dispatcher and can order an ambulance if needed.

Any incidents can be reported by either coming to the Campus Police Office in Room #3462 in the upper level Science Building, or by telephoning the Campus Police to respond to your location. You can telephone the Campus Police by calling the direct line, 288-7636 (from a campus phone dial 636). You can also reach the Campus Police by using one of the four emergency phones located throughout the campus. Simply press the button, wait for a response, then provide your location and nature of emergency. A Campus Police Officer will be dispatched to contact you as soon as possible.