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Getting Your I.D.

Campus Police office makes all ID's for faculty, staff and students.

Campus Police office issues all parking stickers for faculty, staff and students.

Campus Police have a (24) hour emergency phone number (913) 288-7636.

Campus Police office (room 3462) is the location for all lost and found items.

Campus Police officers are on duty (7) seven days a week (24) hours a day. All officers are state certified and received extensive training. They possess full police powers, including the power of arrest.

Photo ID Cards
It is school policy that all students, faculty, and staff are to obtain and carry a KCKCC photo ID card. These cards are provided by the Campus Police Department. They are provided during enrollments and anytime during office hours in the Campus Police Office. There is no charge for the first photo ID card, however, there is a $5.00 charge for any replacement photo ID card.