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Grade Appeal Procedure

The Grade Appeal Procedure is designed to assure students an orderly process for appeal and review of allegedly capricious final grades and to assure instructors their essential function of evaluation of student performance.

The Grade Appeal Procedure is available only for review of allegedly capricious grading and not for review of the judgment of instructors in assessing the quality of the student’s work. The procedure must be initiated within four weeks after the start of the next regular Fall/Spring semester.

Capricious grading consists of the following:

  1. The assignment of a grade to a particular student on some basis other than performance in the course.
  2. The assignment of a grade to a particular student by resorting to more exacting or demanding standards that were not applied to other students in the course.
  3. The assignment of a grade by a substantial departure from the instructor’s previously announced standards.
  4. Students seeking additional information on policies and procedures for grade appeals should contact the Dean of Students Services, upper level, Jewell Student Center, or phone (913) 288-7691.