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Credit Transfer Equivalency Systems

The following links may help you in picking courses at KCKCC that will transfer to select colleges and universities. Keep in mind these transfer equivalency systems are provided as a guide. The fact that a course appears in the list is not an explicit guarantee that the course will transfer. For example, because the school accepts CHEM 109 does not mean that it accepts CHEM 109 in the Chemistry program. Many of these sites are updated frequently while others may not be as up-to-date. Whenever you are in doubt about how a course will transfer, it is recommended that you contact the college or university.

Kansas State University
Missouri Western
Park University
Pittsburg State
*St. Mary's College
University of Kansas
University of Missouri Kansas City
Wichita State

* These colleges do not have course equivalency systems. They do, however, list what the student needs to do to find out IF and HOW a course will transfer.