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Students are assigned a faculty member to serve as their academic advisor while enrolled at the College. Academic advisors are assigned according to the major declared on the student's application for admission.

Students are responsible for making appointments with their advisors and meeting with them to develop a degree program while at KCKCC. Academic advisors also assist students in locating information about course prerequisites, transferability of courses and the sequence in which courses should be taken.

In planning course schedules, students should keep in mind:

  1. their career goals,
  2. graduation requirements at KCKCC,
  3. graduation requirements at the four-year college or university they plan to attend.

Final responsibility for planning a degree program rests with the student.

Students who intend to continue their studies beyond the community college level should select their courses to meet the requirements of the department and institution from which they expect to receive their degree.

All KCKCC degree-seeking students are required to complete 6 credit hours in English Composition (in some programs Technical Writing is a substitute for three of these hours) and 3 credit hours in Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communications. In addition, students should take into consideration their jobs and family responsibilities when planning their schedules so that library and study time are not the least of their considerations. A good rule of thumb is 2-3 hours of study time per week for every credit hour.