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Division of Student Services


The mission of Student Services is to assist students in achieving their academic goals and to enhance their personal, intellectual and social development through the provision of a broad range of programs and services.

Each day, our division helps students, faculty, alumni and staff get things done across our campuses. Our departments have hundreds of full-time employees here to provide you with the information, understanding and assistance you need to navigate KCKCC.

With so many student services available at KCKCC, you have resources to help you take charge of your own learning. In addition to classes within a friendly, well-rounded community of seasoned learners, you can embrace other opportunities. Explore your creativity, further your career, round out your knowledge and become more involved in college life. See how KCKCC can enrich your studies.

Career Planning & Placement Center
Child Care Center
Community Outreach Counseling Program/Women’s Resource Center
Student Advising Center
Student Health Services/Comprehensive Health Human Sexuality & AIDS Resource Center [College Nurse]
Student Activities

Contact Information:
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Student Services: Kay Crossley