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Tuition Assistance

What is the Single Parent Tuition Assistance Grant?
Financial assistance for a portion of the cost of credit classes at Kansas City Kansas Community College. Funds are generously provided by the Kansas City Kansas Community College Endowment Association.

Who qualifies for the grant?
Single parents with full custody of dependent children who:

Meet low income guidelines;

Are pre-enrolled for classes at Kansas City Kansas Community College and

Have a 2.2 grade-point average or better

How does the Tuition Assistance Grant work?

The tuition assistance works like a scholarship. A selection committee chooses students based on the availability of funds, grade point average and content of the individual application.

If you are selected to receive this grant, the exact amount awarded is paid directly to the Kansas City Kansas Community College Business Office. The Financial Aid Office is also informed of your award amount.

Average award amounts per semester: 1 to 6 credit hours.

Tuition assistance recipients are expected to fulfill the following requirements:

Meet with the Director of Community Outreach at specified times twice per semester;

Maintain enrollment in 60% of classes and inform program director of any class schedule changes.

Students who successfully fulfill the requirements will be given preferential consideration for future funding.

When and Where may I apply for the Tuition Assistance Grant?

Funds are available on a semester by semester bases. Therefore, students must re-apply each semester.

Specific application information is publicized in the "Person to Person" newsletter.

Applications will be available at specific times --approximately 1-2 months prior to the beginning of each semester.

For additional questions, please contact Andrea Chastain, Director of Community Outreach Counseling Program at 913.288.7270.