Request for Bids & Proposals

Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) is currently accepting bids for Sidewalk Repair and Drop Off Lane Addition on our campus along Quindaro Lane.

Concrete sidewalk tear out and replacement to include:
Tear out and disposal of existing sidewalk area.  Patching back in of any disturbed asphalt.

Replace approved areas per:
Mix, KCMMB 4K: Cement, 600: Slag/ash 25%: Course aggregate, Granite/Quartz: slump, 2-4:

W/c ratio, 0.44: Break, 5200: Air, 5-8

All concrete replaced will be poured back to a minimum of 6” thickness.

Provide a sound ¾” clean gravel base to a minimum of 4” deep.

Contractor shall provide for all cleanup and topsoil back fill for all disturbed area.

Contractor shall sod all disturbed areas.

Contractor shall be responsible for locating and repairing damage to irrigation system caused by sidewalk repairs and is responsible for locating and repair of any underground utilities. Owner can help with approximate location of irrigation system.

Contractor shall be responsible for any damage to college property caused by this work.

Conditions of site shall be field verified before and after the completion of said work.

Fiber reinforcement required:
Polypropylene fiber: ASTM c1116, for Type III Synthetic-Fiber Reinforced Concrete. Synthetic reinforcing fibers shall be 100 percent virgin polypropylene fibrillated fibers containing no reprocessed olefin materials.  Fibers shall have a specific gravity of 0.9, a minimum tensile strength of 70 ksi, graded per manufacturer, and be specifically manufactured to an optimum graduation for use as concrete reinforcement. Provide a minimum of 1.5 pounds fiber reinforcement per cubic yard of concrete. Fibers shall be added at the batch plant.

All new concrete that butts to existing concrete shall be pinned with a minimum of ½” rebar, 1' apart.

All dimensions are approximates and must be field verified.

Proposals are due by August 20, 2015 to Jeff Sixta, Director of Buildings and Grounds, KCKCC, 7250 State Avenue, Kansas City, KS  66112.  Any questions, please contact Jeff Sixta at 913-288-7613 or 913-238-4209.

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