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Mission and Purpose

The Network Specialists at Kansas City Kansas Community College are highly trained and motivated professionals who strive to serve students, faculty and staff with their data, network and Internet needs.

The network specialists at KCKCC maintain the Internet backbone and Network services on campus. Our primary mission is to ensure the availability of the infrastructure and servers required to keep KCKCC connected both internally and externally. These servers include domain servers for authentication, file servers for saving and retrieving files, Exchange servers for Email access, and Datatel Servers for access to student and employee records. Due to the sensitivity of information contained on many of these servers, security is critical. We take security very seriously and strive to ensure that all of the information is accessible only by the right people, at the right time. Furthermore, monitoring and controlling the anti-spam and antivirus firewalls is another aspect of security. Should you find yourself having difficulties with logging into the campus network, we are here to help you get connected.

As you move around campus, you can see the results of our latest endeavors. Many students are able to access the wireless network from almost anywhere on campus from their laptops and mobile devices. This makes it much easier for students to accomplish their work.