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Media Services

Media Services is designed to assist faculty, staff, and the community with the production and utilization of non-print media.

Services include video and audio production, photography, distance education, teleconferencing, computer animation, audio-visual support, and multimedia.

The department is located on the lower level of the Performing Arts Center.

Facilities include a darkroom, television studio, control room, video playback room, and various offices. Features include a campus closed-circuit TV system which provides video feeds to 29 classrooms, the College Library, and the Student Center.

Another feature of Media Services is the KCKCC Cable Channel 17, Kansas City Educational Channel (KCEC), which provides cablecasting of community programs, college TV courses, and educationally oriented programs. The channel is available in most areas of Wyandotte County. KCEC is located at position 17 on the American Cablevision converter box.