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A Technical Description of the Campus Net

Dr. Baz Abouelenein, PMP - Dean of Information Services

All student, faculty, and staff computing is achieved via the Campus Network. This phrase describes a very large, campus-wide network consisting of many individual virtual networks.

Roughly speaking, each building on the Kansas City campus is served by at least one virtual network connected to the switched, collapsed, campus backbone network. In the very early days of Academic Computing (now Computing Services), all of these networks were 2.5Mb/s ARCNet segments. Today, the ARCNet no longer exists, having been replaced with 100Mb/s Ethernet (Fast Ethernet) segments and 1GB/s Ethernet segments.

Campus LAN Topologies Campus LAN Topologies Gigabit Ethernet over fiber and multiple-gigabit Ethernet over fiber ties our campus together via a central, high capacity, fiber switch. This switch drives other switches located in fourteen wiring closets dispersed about the campus. In turn, the wiring closet switches drive 100Mb/s switch stacks which serve users in their respective local areas.

Campus Internet Access Our campus network is connected to the Internet via multiple T1 lines. We continue to examine and evaluate new technologies. The KCKCC campus is entirely wireless-enabled, as well.

Campus Server During the Summer, 2005 to Fall, 2005 time frame, the campus fileserver will be upgraded and a "hot" back up added.

The Future Predicting the future of computing is always a dangerous business. However, it is clear that the information revolution is being driven by bandwidth. Today, the driving force behind the information revolution is the exponentially growing demand for faster access to. . .everything. (We have seen the future and the future is bandwidth!)

Bandwidth across campus. Bandwidth to the desktop. Bandwidth to remote sites. Faster data throughput. Stereo quality audio on the campus net. Video on the campus net. Virtual reality applications on the campus net.

There is no problem here that bandwidth won't solve!

Originally written: August 1997
Updated: February, 1998
Updated: December, 1998
Updated: September, 2001
Updated: July 19, 2005
Revised: October 2, 2007