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Guidelines for Acceptable use of College Computing Resources

College computing resources are provided for use by students, faculty, staff and other authorized users of KCKCC. All users are responsible for using these resources in an ethical and lawful manner. The following guidelines outline the use of college computing resources.

The computing resources of the college are the property of the college. Therefore, unauthorized, illegal, and/or unethical use of computing resources is prohibited. Access to any computing resource may be revoked by the president of the college, or the president's designated representative, without prior notice. The president's designated representative is the Dean of Information Services.

Privacy is not guaranteed. Users are not guaranteed privacy in any communication utilizing college computing resources.

No student or employee of KCKCC may use another's computer ID or password. Students and employees must not access another's computer account, files or other work.

KCKCC is not responsible for damages to any party arising from the use of any college computing resource.

All student access to the Internet is subject to KCKCC scheduling requirements governing computer equipment. Scheduling may change without prior notice to serve the needs of the college.

Usage of the Internet and campus network for unacceptable, non-KCKCC approved purposes is prohibited.

KCKCC computing resources may not be used to intimidate or create an atmosphere of harassment based upon gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, or creed, or sexual orientation. Fraudulent, threatening, or obscene e-mail or graphical displays used to harass or intimidate are prohibited.

An individual's computer privileges may be suspended or restricted and/or the individual may be suspended or expelled from school immediately upon the discovery of a possible violation of these guidelines.

It is the responsibility of all students and employees of KCKCC to become familiar with these guidelines. It is the responsibility of all employees to report violations of these guidelines to the appropriate KCKCC authority.

KCKCC will review and amend this policy when necessary.