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Information Services

Dr. Baz Abouelenein, PMP, Dean of Information Services

Risala Allen , Administrative Assistant

The Information Services Division is the KCKCC technology rapid-response team consisting of highly-skilled and motivated faculty and staff dedicated to providing technology degree and certificate programs within the narrow windows of opportunity available in today's quickly changing technology environment. Information Services is committed to providing education in technology areas that exist today and that may exist tomorrow. This commitment drives an extremely steep faculty and staff learn-teach-learn curve made necessary by the ever-accelerating pace of technology.

Information Services is committed to abandoning the old and embracing the new as dictated by the educational needs of students and the rapid approach of tomorrow's technology. The ability to react to changing technology is based on extensive and continuing faculty training and education. Therefore, Information Services is goal-oriented with full student, faculty, and staff participation in a model of shared leadership placing technology innovations and improvements as the highest priority of the division.

By eliminating instruction involving old technology, the Information Services division continually releases resources to invest in new technology and training, thereby completing and renewing the all-important learn-teach-learn cycle necessary to serve our student population by constantly upgrading faculty and staff skills.