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Kansas City Kansas Community College is a resource for the community it serves. The Business & Technology team can be a conduit for the business community to use college facilities for training and meeting purposes, improve communication with your Spanish-speaking employees and customers, assess the skill level of your employees for training purposes, and lead your employees through a strategic planning process.

Companies that believe they may be eligible for assistance through one of these grants should contact the Department of Commerce at 785-296-3339.

For facility usage reservations, contract training reservations, or additional information, contact Marisa Gray at (913) 288-7284.


Meeting rooms available for small to medium-sized groups

Two 16-seat computer labs can be customized with your software package

Media equipment can be arranged.


Review of English and/or Spanish documents for internal or external publishing

Correction of organization and paragraphing, usage and sentence structure, and spelling and punctuation

Experienced editors to provide final written version which communicates the author’s message clearly, effectively and professionally.


English-Spanish translation and on-site interpretation services for the business community

Professional translators and interpreters with experience in specialty fields and who are native or near-native speakers

Services include business documents, audio/visual, voice over, website, software and interactive voice response system


English and/or Spanish oral or written language examinations available

National proficiency standards used in assessing levels from novice to superior

Specialty in job-specific and/or industry specific customized assessments.


Develop training solution that will make a difference

Measure and evaluate training effectiveness


Kansas City Kansas Community College is authorized by the Kansas Department of Commerce to assist eligible companies in preparing applications for workforce training programs that are designed to pay for the costs of training new employees or retraining existing workers. The sources of funds include:

Kansas Industrial Training (KIT) - This is a flexible workforce-training program designed to respond to the specific needs of new and expanding companies. Eligible industries include basic enterprises that are creating at least one new job, excluding the jobs of recalled workers, replacement workers, or jobs that formerly existed.

Kansas Industrial Retraining (KIR) - This is a job retention tool that assists employees of restructuring companies who are likely to be displaced because of obsolete or inadequate job skills and knowledge. Eligible industries include basic enterprises that are restructuring their operations through incorporation of new technology, diversification of production, or the development and implementation of new production activities.

Investments in Major Projects & Comprehensive Training (IMPACT) - This is designed for new and expanding businesses that are creating new jobs. IMPACT is typically reserved for projects involving at least 100 new jobs at a higher-than-average wage. The IMPACT program may also be used for job retention projects that have compelling economic benefit for Kansas.

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