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Human Resources Management at KCKCC

Human Capital is the most basic and most important element of any organization. It is people who bring all of their experience, skills, judgment, abilities, knowledge, and wisdom into an organization and make it successful.

Human Resources Management is defined as the design of formal systems in an organization to ensure the effective and efficient use of human talent to accomplish organizational goals.

Effectively utilizing human talent within an organization requires three roles for a Human Resources Department: strategic, operational, and administrative. The strategic role stresses the importance of people as a valuable resource. The operational and administrative roles are essential for the successful "day-to-day" management of human resources, and for compliance with laws issued by the government.

The key functioning components of Human Resources Management include recruitment, compensation, training, and development. In addition to these components, the Human Resources Department at KCKCC is responsible for employee leave administration, counseling and advising employees, employee discipline, equal employment opportunity, advancement of the college's Affirmative Action Plan, employee relations, and promotion of the college within the community.

Special services provided by the Human Resources Department to the college and the community include:

Publication of the official annual personnel directory.
Sponsorship of "Take A Child To Work Day".
Sponsorship of "Employee Appreciation Day" activity.
Employment/Salary Verifications.
Computation of Adjunct Instructor's Payroll.

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