Victim Survivor Services - Technical Certificate

The Victim/Survivor Services Certificate Program is available to students already holding an Associate or higher degree. Designed to contain the most basic set of core courses needed by anyone working in the victim services field today, the intent of the certificate is to supplement previous education with additional core knowledge in Victim/Survivor Services. This certificate – in combination with a state-accredited degree or credential in a discipline such as social work, general or addiction counseling, criminal justice, police science, corrections, or education – may offer greater opportunities for employment and/or advancement. Program outcomes for students completing the Technical Certificate in Victim/Survivor Services are as follows:

  1. The student will demonstrate the ability to effectively advocate for crime victims.
  2. The student will understand and assess policy issues as they relate to crime victims.
  3. The student will demonstrate and discuss the variety of victimizations, and provide explanations for the consequences of such victimization.
  4. The student will demonstrate an understanding of the process of recovery after victimization.
  5. The student will explain basic crisis intervention methods.
  6. The student will discuss victim issues as they relate to race, gender, cultural, and other diversity issues.
  7. The student will demonstrate an understanding of the criminal and civil litigation systems.
  8. The student will demonstrate an ability to assist victims.


Dr. Cherilee Walker - Dean of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Karisse Whyte
- Program Coordinator

Gainful Employment Statistics

Victim, Survivor Services


Course Number
Course Title
Certificate Required Courses
ADCN0101 Introduction to Addictions
VTSP0101 Victimology
VTSP0102 Victim/Survivor Services
VTSP0103 Family Violence
VTSP0104 Rape and Child Abuse
VTSP0203 Crisis Counseling
Total hours required for a Technical Victim/Survivor Services Certificate
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