Addiction Counselor - Associate in Applied Science

Program Code/CIP Code: ADCN.AAS/51.1501
Credits Required: 61
Division: Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Combining traditional, theoretical, and experiential learning, the Addiction Counselor Training Program offers students the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. KCKCC’s open learning environment, with scheduling and advising tailored to needs of both working professionals and traditional students, allows students the opportunity to develop personalized styles for the active learner.

Through satisfactory completion, students gain education and skills required in the treatment environment, with course work geared toward National Exams. To be licensed as an addiction counselor in the state of Kansas, applicants must earn a bachelor’s degree at an accredited institution in a human services-related field. KCKCC, in conjunction with our 2+2 programs with other colleges and universities, is uniquely positioned with its lower fees and smaller class sizes to assist the student as they work to fulfill many of the Kansas Behavioral Science Regulatory Board academic requirements as well as those of the state of Missouri. Degreed individuals holding a 4-year degree in a related field may pursue a certificate program through courses in Addiction Studies in order to be eligible for licensure.

Program applicants include individuals desiring to obtain their first degree, counselors working in a treatment facility, private practice, juvenile or adult probation/parole officers, counselors in mental health or community agencies, employee assistance professionals, or coordinators of substance abuse prevention services, as well as counselors or teachers in secondary and post-secondary educational institutions.

Requirements for admission to the program

  • No requirements for admission to the program.
  • Contact program for program-specific advising.

College Requirement

Course Credit Hours
BLUE 0101 Freshman Seminar 1

All first time degree-seeking students are required to take BLUE-0101, Freshman Seminar.  See exemptions

General Education Requirements

Course Credit Hours
ENG 0101 
ENGL 0206
Composition II* or
Technical Writing
SPCH 0151 
SPCH 0201
Public Speaking* or
Interpersonal Communication
MATH 0105 College Algebra** or higher 3-5
THTR 0105 Introduction to Acting 3
PSYC 0101 Psychology* 3
VTSP 0102 Victim/Survivor Services 3
BIOL 0121 General Biology 5
Total General Education Requirements 21

Degree Specific Requirements

Course Credit Hours
ADCN 0101 Introduction to Addiction 3
ADCN 0106 Individual Counseling Methods* 3
ADCN 0204 Family Therapy* 3
ADCN 0205 Ethics: Addiction Counseling 3
ADCN 0206 Problem and Compulsive Gambling 4
ADCN 0209 Pharmacology: Addiction Counseling 3
ADCN 0210 Group Dynamics and Addictions I 3
ADCN 0221 Counseling and Services Coordination* 3
ADCN 0250 Addiction Counseling Field Practicum I* 3
ADCN 0251 Addiction Counseling Field Practicum II 3
PSYC 0297 Abnormal Psychology* 3
Total Addiction Counselor Program Requirements 34

Total Hours

Total hours to complete degree 61-64

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