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Bowman Looking Forward to Retirement after 30 years at KCKCC

Kelly Rogge
Wednesday, December 11, 2013
College Advancement

Mary Bowman
Mary Bowman
Mary Bowman comes from a family of law enforcement officers. Her husband was a police officer in the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department for almost 30 years before retiring and all four of her brothers-in-law were also police officers. So the fact that Bowman herself ended up in the law enforcement field, at least in some capacity, is not surprising.

“I like my job,” said the secretary for the Kansas City Kansas Community College Campus Police Department. “It is only 10 minutes from home, and I have wonderful bosses. They treat me like a queen.”

Bowman came to KCKCC in 1983, first working in the deli. At that time, the deli was in what is now the Wellness and Fitness Center. Then, in 1987, she was given the opportunity to move into a position in the Campus Police Department, where she has been ever since. Thirty years after coming to the community college campus, Bowman is retiring. Her retirement is effective Dec. 31.

“It is the right time,” she said. “I have always said that when I turned 65, I would probably retire. Well, I turned 65 earlier this year, so it is time. I think what I will miss most is the guys I work with and all of the friends I have made over the years.”

Since Bowman first started working in Campus Police 26 years ago, much has changed. The department started in a small room in lower humanities with only a handful of officers. Now, the police department is staffed full-time, patrolling not only the inside and outside of the buildings on the main campus, but also the Leavenworth Center, the new Dr. Thomas Burke Technical Education Center and other KCKCC properties.

“There have been a lot of changes over the years, especially when it comes to moving everything to computers. It has definitely made the work easier, faster and quicker,” she said. “It (the position) keeps me pretty busy, especially during enrollment time. I have said that I will still come back to help during enrollment or other times where it is busy.”

Bowman said now that she is looking at retirement, she and her husband Paul (who retired 18 years ago), will do some traveling and continue to be active with their four grandchildren and all of their activities. Her husband has worked part-time for Campus Police for the last six years.

“It is nice that they are all right here, so we have the chance to do a lot of activities with them. They are all very involved with sports, so that will keep us busy,” she said. “I will miss everyone I work with, but the time has come to retire.”