Veterans Benefits Request Form

An individual Veteran’s Benefit Request Form must be submitted every semester. By completing and typing your name at the bottom of this form you have read and agree to following conditions:
  • Paying for tuition, fees, and books are the responsibility of the Veteran Education Benefit User, with the exception of chapter 31 and 33 if 100% eligible. Payments can be made in the KCKCC Business Office.
  • The Veteran Education Benefit User MUST insure that they have declared a major, and that all classes taken are part of their Major/Program. Failure to do so may require a return of benefits to the VA.
  • Veteran Education Benefit Users must certify attendance monthly via the toll free number (877) 823-2378 or the WAVE (, with the exception of chapter 33.
  • Guest students must insure that their home school veterans certifying official (VCO) informs the KCKCC VCO, in writing, an approval of courses taken at KCKCC. This must be done before the information will be transmitted to the VA.
  • The Veteran Education Benefit User is aware that failure to submit a completed form can cause suspension of or delay in education benefit reporting.
  • It is the student's responsibility to inform the veterans certifying official of changes in schedule as soon as possible. This is to mitigate potential over/under payments, or delays of educational benefits.
  • Discrepancies in information turned into the VCO could delay certification.
  • ALL Students using Veterans Benefits at KCKCC must complete, read and sign this application before benefits will be processed. Chapter 30, 31, 1606, 1607, REAP Veterans do not get credit for Wellness and Fitness Classes. Conversion of Military Credit allows for those credits.
  • Refer to your KCKCC email address for all Financial Aid and Student Account communications.
To contact the Veterans Certifying Official please call 913-288-7182

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Students utilizing chapter 35 benefits for the first time must contact the VCO to submit additional information. Failure to do so will cause a delay in education benefit reporting.


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