Strategic Plan

Strategic Direction II

Enhance overall Enrollment process

Goal 2.1

Make the application to enroll process easier and simple to increase the ratio of enroll to application. 


  • Review the process for simplification and user friendliness for online and on campus
  • Employ online real time chat agents to assist the enrollment process
  • Establish a call center and actively reach out students who started application process to complete and enroll
  • Add personnel/technological resources to offer friendly phone service to students inquiry, advising, enrollment, and other needs
  • Have dedicated personnel for high school students
  • Provide discounts for early enroll and payment


  • Ratio of application to enroll (#Enroll/#Application)

Goal 2.2

Increase the number of students who removed holds before each enrollment time


  • Actively reach out the students with holds and assist them to clear out any minor/major holds that may impede early online enrollment
  • Review all holds and simplify the process of removing holds


  • Number of students who had their hold removed before enrollment time each semester 
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