Biology Special Fees

Title Number Fee
Life and The Environment with Lab* BIOL0119 $25
General Biology* BIOL0121 $25
Human Biology BIOL0125 $25
Environmental Science Lab BIOL0132 $25
Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology BIOL0135 $25
Human Anatomy and Laboratory* BIOL0141 $25
Human Anatomy and Physiology* BIOL0143 $25
Trees and Shrubs Laboratory BIOL0172 $25
Plant Biology Laboratory BIOL0222 $25
Diversity of Organisms BIOL0225 $25
Animal Biology Laboratory BIOL0232 $25
Introduction to Genetics BIOL0240 $25
Climate Studies and Laboratory BIOL0250 $25
Microbiology Laboratory BIOL0240 $25
Physiology Laboratory* BIOL0272 $25
Introduction to Bioinformatics* BIOL0291 $25
*Lab Courses that are taught online will not be charged a lab fee.

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