Refund of Tuition and Fees

To obtain a refund for tuition and fees, students must officially drop their class (es) in the Admissions and Records Office within the time frames listed below. Exact dates for refunds are published in the Class Schedule each semester. Refunds are not allowed after the published dates. In case of a course cancellation or a class schedule revision made by the College, a 100 percent refund of tuition and fees is issued. Refunds are processed by the Business Office in approximately two weeks.

  • 100% refund for tuition and fees if classes are dropped and processed in the Admissions and Records Office before - but not on - the first day of the semester, session, or class. This includes semester, summer, 4 to 8 week, late starting, and mini-courses.

  • 90% refund for tuition and fees if classes are dropped within the first week of the term for full semester courses, summer courses, 4 to 8 week courses, and late starting courses.

  • 50% refund for tuition and fees if classes are dropped within the second week of the term for semester

  • 100% refund for mini-courses if students drop prior to the start of the first class period. No refund will be issued after the class begins.

Refunds are calculated based on the day the student officially drops a class, not when the student stops attending class.

If the student has received federal Title IV student financial aid during the term (Federal PELL , ACG or SEOG grants, Federal Stafford Loan, or a PLUS Loan), the student may be entitled to a pro rata or federal refund. Students who do not receive federal Title IV aid are not entitled to these refunds. Further information is available in the Financial Aid Office and Business Office.

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