Traffic Regulations

Be an alert, skillful vehicle operator. Keep brakes, signaling equipment, and lights in top condition---use them.

Yield. Watch out for pedestrians and other traffic. Observe the directions of the traffic officers.

1.0 The vehicle registration, parking and traffic program at Kansas City Kansas Community College is designed to provide for use of the available parking space in the best interest of the entire college and for the protection of the student and staff pedestrian.

1.1 With obvious exceptions, parking on campus is a privilege, not necessity.

1.2 The College reserves the right to preempt any parking lot for special occasions.

1.3 It is the responsibility of the individuals to familiarize themselves with the college rules and regulations.

2.0 Staff - All employees of the college.

2.1 Students - All persons in class, credit or non-credit or those involved in a college sanctioned activity.

2.2 Motor Vehicle - Every self-propelled vehicle is considered to be a motor vehicle.

2.3 Visitor Parking - Parking spaces will be provided on a short-term basis for persons not members of the college community to conduct business on campus. Students and Staff are never considered to be visitors; they may not use Visitor Parking under any unauthorized circumstances.

2.4 Handicapped Parking - Special parking is available to handicapped individuals who drive on campus. Vehicles using handicapped parking must be specially registered and properly display a special college sticker.

3.0 All types of motor vehicles, with the exception of motorcycles, operated on campus by students or staff must be officially registered with the Campus Police Department, which is located in Room 3462.

3.1 Every student must fill out a motor vehicle declaration card when he enrolls. Those students with cars will be issued stickers after they pay their fees.

3.2 Staff members must register all vehicles with the Campus Police Department at the time of employment. Staff stickers do not expire and do not need to be replaces as long as they are legible.

3.3 Any newly acquired vehicles must also be registered at the Campus Police Office. For your own convenience, please leave a note on your car giving your name and the reason for operating an unregistered vehicle on campus until such time (as soon as possible) as you can report to the Campus Police Department to register the vehicle.

3.4 Registration stickers are valid only when displayed on the vehicle, inside, in the lower right hand corner (passenger side) of the back glass when viewed from the rear on hardtop vehicles. On pick-up trucks with campers, convertibles, and vehicles with dark tinted windows, the registration goes on the inside windshield in the lower right hand corner (driver's side) when viewed from the front. Registration is not complete or valid until the sticker is permanently attached and displayed as described above. Do not place sticker on rear window defrosters.

3.5 Registration and parking stickers shall be valid for the school year consisting of the fall, spring, and summer semesters. The registration expires at midnight on July 31st and will need to be renewed each fall. The registration becomes invalid when the registrant withdraws or terminates from the college and the sticker must be removed from the vehicle. Expired or defaces stickers are not valid registration.

4.0 Students and Staff members having short term parking and/or loading needs must apply at the Campus Police Office for an emergency permit for specific areas and dates.

4.1 Loading zones and service entrances are restricted areas and parking will not be permitted except by permit only. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed.

4.2 Due to the limited number of handicapped spaces available, proper documentation or a doctor's statement detailing needs will be required. Having a handicapped permit does not guarantee a space in the handicapped area, but it does provide an estimate of how many spaces are needed. Handicapped tag or hang tag must be properly displayed.

5.0 Students, staff and visitors are expected to know and obey all state, county, city and campus rules and regulations. All applicable rules will be enforced.

5.1 Drivers will be expected to observe and obey all posted regulatory signs and signals.

5.2 The maximum campus speed limit is 20 MPH. This is only a speed limit; driving speed must be suited to the existing driving conditions and pedestrian traffic.

5.3 All parking lot drives are marked for one-way traffic. Parking is in an "angled" pattern, traffic will be one-way going in the same direction that the parking is angled.

5.4 Except for college owned service and patrol vehicles, operation of a motor vehicle on sidewalks or the grass is prohibited.

5.5 No person shall operate a vehicle in a careless manner or in a manner which might possibly injure someone or damage property. 5.6 When traffic is being directed by a Campus Police Officer vehicles and pedestrians will obey his signals. Pedestrians will cross only when walks are designated.

5.7 Every driver shall exercise due care to avoid colliding with pedestrians, regardless of circumstances.

5.8 Vehicular traffic shall have the right of way on all streets on campus except in pedestrian cross-walk areas, and as otherwise set forth in these regulations. Pedestrians shall not impede the normal flow of vehicular traffic.

5.9 In the event of an accident of any kind on campus, notify the Campus Police at once.

5.10 Under penalty of state law drivers are required to have in their vehicles proof of current, valid liability insurance and present such proof when requested.

6.0 All campus parking is restricted to a minimum and is highly controlled. Space in all parking lots is available only to registered campus vehicles.

6.1 The parking lot immediately north of the Credit Union is not a college parking area; it is posted as "Credit Union Employee Only" parking, "Tow Away Zone". The lot is controlled by the Credit Union and cars parked in their lot are at risk of being removed by the Credit Union at the owners expense with no advance warning.

6.2 Student or staff operated vehicles, registered or unregistered will not be permitted in visitor spaces, reserved spaces, college vehicle spaces, handicapped parking spaces, credit union spaces, fire lanes, service drives or any space reserved for a special purpose.

6.3 Head-In Parking Only - Park heading in to the parking stall. Back out of the stall to leave. In that way you will be in compliance with the one way drives in the parking lots.

6.4 Cars must be parked so that no part of the car extends beyond the boundary lines of the parking stalls.

6.5 Parking shall only be in areas lined and marked as parking stalls.

6.6 Double parking or parking so as to restrict the actions of properly parked vehicles or their operators will not be permitted.

6.7 No vehicle is to be parked so as to obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

6.8 Drivers will be expected to observe and obey all regulatory signs.

7.0 Student or staff violators of parking, traffic, and registration regulations will receive college tickets requiring payment of penalty fees as indicated on the citation. Fees are to be paid in the Campus Police Office or, if you have the ticket copy they may be paid in the Business Office. The violator will be responsible for any increased fees for additional violations that may not be indicated on the ticket copy.

7.1 The registrant of the vehicle shall be responsible for all violations identified with his/her registration number, including those received while the vehicle is in the possession of another person.

7.2 A student or staff member will be held responsible for any violations identified with an unregistered vehicle he or she is driving.

7.3 The college reserves the right to revoke the privilege of operating a vehicle on campus property in the case of excessive violations of regulations.

7.4 The college reserves the right to remove from campus at owners expense any vehicle associated with excessive violations of regulations.

7.5 Students with unpaid fees will not be permitted to re-enroll, graduate or transfer records.

8.0 Anyone who receives a college violation notice has the right to appeal the violation. The appeal will be conducted by the Student Judiciary Committee.

8.1 The appellant must fill out an appeal form which is available in the Campus Police Office or the Student Activities Office, (Room 2312). Upon completion of the appeal form, it must be filed in the Student Activities Office within 10 days of the violation notice.

8.2 There will be an appeal date set up by the Student Judiciary Committee and the appellant will be notified of the date. It will be the appellants responsibility to be at the hearing at the appointed time and date.

9.0 Vehicles may be removed from campus property, zones, lawns, drives, college buildings, or loading areas if allowed to stand in violation of an ordinance or college regulation, or if left in such a position as to constitute a hazard to the safety of others. Vehicles may be removed from college property in the case of repeated or flagrant violations of college rules or ordinances. Vehicles parked more than 48 hours without being moved are included. Cost and penalties will be paid by the owner of the vehicle or by his representative.

10.0 A bonafide visitor is any person other than a student or staff member driving or parking an unregistered vehicle on campus.

10.1 Visitor parking is available for the convenience of visitors and will be posted as "visitor parking."

10.2 A vehicle driven by students or staff will not be permitted in visitor parking for any length of time.

10.3 If a driver fails to operate his vehicle in conformity with state statutes or city ordinances he or she will be referred to the proper court of jurisdiction.

10.4 The visitor parking spaces are to be used only by those visitors with short term parking needs. If a visitor will be on campus for an extended period of time, that visitor will be required regular parking areas and not visitor parking.

11.0 All information that applies to motor vehicles herein, applies to the operators of motorcycles. Motorcycles are not permitted on sidewalks.

11.1 To save space in the parking areas, motorcycles may park in the yellow zones at the end of the lots. Do not park so as to limit access to vehicles parked in handicapped parking stalls.

12.0 Identification cards issued by the Kansas City Kansas Community College are to be presented, when requested, to administrators, faculty, and staff and all Campus Police personnel.

12.1 People operating vehicles on campus will be expected to hold valid drivers licenses and present them, when requested, to authorized personnel.

13.0 The fact that a person is in violation of a law, ordinance or regulation and does not receive a violation notice does not mean that the law, ordinance or regulation is no longer in effect.

13.1 Registration of a vehicle does not guarantee a parking space on campus. A lack of parking space on campus or near a building will not be considered a valid reason for violating any parking regulation.

13.2 The Campus Police Department provides special motorist assist services to help students and staff when needed. These functions include jump-starts, notification of lights left on, air for low tires, etc. Motorist assist services are provided only for students and staff who have a valid parking sticker properly displayed on their vehicle.

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