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Books, Videos and Brochures are available from the College Nurse in RM 3363.

400 Kicking Addictive Habits Once & For All
401 Talking Back To Prozac Peter R. Breggin, M.D.
402 Listening To Prozac Peter D. Kramer
403 Drugs Pharmacology Charles R. Carroll
301 Contraceptive Technology
500 Over & Over Again - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
501 Girl Interrupted Kaysen

Video Library


120 AIDS and the Workplace American Red Cross
128 Don't Get It: Teenagers and AIDS Human Relations Films



900 Diabetes - A Positive Approach American Diabetes Association
901 People With Diabetes Can Enjoy Healthier Lives! Lilli



800 Anorexia Nervosa Altschul
801 Starving and Bingeing Churchill
802 Anorexia Nervosa no.2 Churchill
803 Bulimia Churchill
804 Getting Help Churchill
805 Changing Behavior Churchill
806 Fear of Fat: Dieting And Eating Disorders Churchill



602 The Secret AIMS
702 He's No Hero Intermediate



500 The Empathy Belly Birth Ways



400A Why Now? Living With Genital Herpes Glaxo Welcome Inc.
400B Flip Chart: Sexually Transmitted Diseases ETR Associates
400C Leaders Guide for the STD Flip Chart ETR Associates
401 Sex, Condoms, and Video Tape University of Connecticut
402 Human Papilloma Virus Film Ideas Inc.
403 Let's Talk About STD Testing For Young Women ETR Associates
404 A Million Teenagers Churchill
407 Birth Control: Myths and Methods Churchill
409 The Way It Works: Women and the Pill Searle
411 Counseling Patients With Vaginal Yeast Infection Ortho
412 Then, One Year Churchill



300 Universal Precautions: For School Staff AMS
302 The Blood-borne Pathogen Standard: How It Affects You, How It Protects You Coastal
304 The Blood-borne Pathogens Standard Coastal
309 Office Ergonomics Coastal



About Adults Abused As Children

About Child Abuse

About Emotional Abuse & Neglect of Children

About Preventing Child Abuse

About Sexual Abuse of Children

About Spouse Abuse

Being Forced Into Having Sex-Even If Its By Someone You Know-Is Rape And It’s A Crime

Breaking Away From Problems You Grew Up With

Child Sexual Abuse

Date Rape

What Men & Women Should Know-A Violent Crime

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Network

Escaping Date Abuse

Have You Ever Been Afraid To Go Home?

I Am A Survivor

Incest A Family Tragedy

Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault

Partner Abuse--What Women Should Know

Rape-Tough Questions No Easy Answers

Touch & Sexual Abuse

You Don’t Have To Use It...Abuse You Don’t Have To Take It


Acne & Skin Care

Acne & Your Skin


For The Maturing Young Adult

Growing Up

How To Talk With Your Child About Sexuality

M-M-M-Mummy Coping With A Child’s Stuttering Problem


About AIDS
Channing Betes, Inc.

About AIDS And Shooting Drugs
Channing Betes, Inc.

About AIDS in the Workplace
Channing Betes, Inc.

About Living With HIV
Channing Betes, Inc.

About Protecting Yourself from HIV

Adolescent Center For Treatment

AIDS Am I at Risk?

AIDS & Babies

AIDS What Every Woman Needs To Know

AIDS & Emergency Numbers

AIDS Not Just Another STD

AIDS & You

Anyone Can Get AIDS

Bloodborne Pathogens

Children, Parents, & AIDS

Drugs, Sex, & AIDS

Emergency & Public Safety Workers

HIV & AIDS A Duty to Respond

Hispanics Get AIDS Too!

HIV After The Test

HIV Infection & AIDS

HIV On Campus

HIV- To Protect Yourself, Learn the Facts

How Not To Get High, Get Stupid, Get AIDS A Guide To Partying

Sex Survey "S.T.D. HIV Activity Sheet"

Talking With Your Child About Sexuality & AIDS

Talking with Your Partner About Safer Sex

Talking With Your Teenagers About AIDS

Teens & AIDS Why Risk It?

Terry The Friendly Dragon/AIDS Smart

Tuberculosis The Connection Between TB & HIV

What About AIDS Testing?

What Everyone Should Know About AIDS

What Gay & Bisexual Men Should Know About AIDS

What Men In the Gay Community Should Know About AIDS

What Do You Know About HIV?

When A Friend Has AIDS

When Someone Close has AIDS

Young People Get AIDS

Your Job & AIDS Are There Risks?


Breast Self-Exam

Testicular Model For The Testicular Self-Exam


About Dying

About Grief

Coping With Bereavement

Grief--Living With The Loss

About Overcoming Loneliness


Cancer Facts For Men

Cancer Facts For Women

Colorectal Cancer... Go For Early Detection

Cancer Facts For Women

For Men Only Self-Testicular Examination

For Women Only Breast Examination

How To Do Breast Self-Examination


About Academic Survival Skills

About College & Stress

About Headaches

Biofeedback And Stress Coping Skills

About Test Anxiety

Put Time On Your Side---Time Management For Students

Stress Management-Tips For Daily Living

What You Should Know About Stress

What You Should Know About Stress & Your Child


Alcohol Drogas Y AIDS

Alguien Que Tu Conoces Ha Sida Victima

de Violacion Como Sobrevivir a la Violacion

Comprender a Sida (AIDS)

Control De la Natahidad

El Armor Propio

El Condon

Para la Buena Salud de Ella

Sobre Comprender La Diversidad

Sobre EL Protegerse Contra El VIH

Sobre EL Suicidio Entre la Gente Jouen

Sobre La Depression

Sobre La Hepatitis B

Sobre La Higiene Personal

Sobre La Provincion De Los Abusos Infantiles

Sobre La Salubridad

Sobre La Tension

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