The Campus Child Care Center

The Campus Child Care Center provides children and their families with the highest standards of quality by promoting a safe, caring, learning environment in a diverse educational setting. We value the relationships, diversity, and the uniqueness of our staff, children, families and the community we serve.
5 Star Kansas Quality Rating.

Fully licensed by the State of Kansas.

Received National Accreditation as one of the nations best early learning programs.

Participates in the Foster Grandparent Program of Wyandotte County.
Established in August 1978.
Participates in the Adult Care Food Program.

Accepts children from 18 months to 12 years.

Serves both day and evening students.
State certification and associate degree requirements for all teaching staff.

Healthy Habits for Life

Our children will learn how to make healthy choices about food and physical activity as part of their daily lives – building a foundation for a lifetime. Our staff model healthy eating and physical activity. We strive to work with our parents to promote healthy habits for life.

Here’s what we’re doing to achieve these goals.


Monday     7:30 am - 9:30 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday     6:00 am - 9:30 pm
Friday     7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Mon. - Thurs. 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
The Center is closed on Fridays.

Helpful Information

Hourly, Enrollment and Late Fees


Hourly Fees
Fees are $3.25 per hour per child if child is potty trained and $4.25 per hour per child if child is not potty trained. Children 18 months old are charged $5.25 per hour per child. All fees are to be paid to the Business Office with a receipt brought back to the Child Care Center. Children and Family Service (Formally known as SRS) has a contract with the center; the children whose parents are Children and Family Service approved may enroll. If you are currently using Children and Family Services you must have the approved forms completed prior to enrollment. KCKCC Child Care Provider Number is: B796768. We are also contracted by the Missouri Department of Social Services with our Provider Number of 001186989.

Enrollment Fee
Enrollment Fee is $40.00 for daytime children and $40.00 for evening children which must be paid in the Business Office at the time of enrollment. Prior to paying your $40.00 enrollment fee, please check with the Child Care Center to verify a space is available. This is paid each semester that a child attends the Campus Child Care Center. A child will not be enrolled until this enrollment fee is paid. The Enrollment Fee is Non-Refundable.

Late Fee
Parent’s bills must be paid five days after the bill is due. Failure to pay in five days will warrant a weekly $5.00 Late Fee  until the bill is paid. Failure to pay may also result in parents children being dropped from the center. A hold will be placed on parent’s account and you will not be allowed to enroll at the college until the account is cleared.

Enrollment Procedures

Enrollment Procedures

Children 18 months to twelve years of age, whose parent are enrolled in classes at KCKCC are eligible to attend the Center. Children are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis with the completion of the following items:
1. A current schedule of student/parent’s classes (must be filled out and include room numbers, names of instructors and class times).

2. A $40.00 deposit must be paid for daytime and evening care. If you are sponsored by CFS or Project Eagle you must have the forms approved and sent to us before your child can be enrolled at the Center.

3. Parents must provide the application form with the Health Assessment form filled out by a licensed physician or nurse clinician including an up-to-date immunization record.

4. The Center will not accept children on dropin basis.

Enrolling in CFS or Most Programs

CFS or Most Programs

In order to receive Kansas Children and Family Services (CFS) formally SRS, funds for payment of Child Care Center expenses, the following steps must be taken:

1. You must contact the CFS office and fill out all necessary paperwork. The telephone number of CFS office is 913-279-7000. (Since approval sometimes takes two to four weeks, this step must be done at least four weeks prior to using the Center).

2. The KCKCC Provider Number for the Kansas CFS is B796768.

3. Contact your case worker for an approval letter to be sent to the Campus Child Care Center.

4. The Campus Child Care Center must receive approval from CFS. All Campus Child Care Center forms listed under ENROLLMENT PROCEDURES must be completed and given to the Center. We also have a contract with the Missouri Department of Social Services (DSS). Procedures are the same. Our Provider number for DSS is 001186989. Their phone number is 816-889-5050.



Believing that the most important areas of a child's development are intellectual, emotional, and physical, the Campus Child Care Center provides children with activities to strengthen and master skills in all of these areas.

Activities teaching self-help, social and creative skills are also included in the program. Each child is helped to acquire the skills necessary to develop independence, as well as building selfesteem and self-concept.

The staff believes that children are more open to learning in a relaxed, warm and nurturing environment. This environment is provided through activities that are child centered and focused on individual learning. A child's day at the Campus Child Care Center consists of learning, teaching, being challenged, sharing, cooperating, interacting socially, working independently, and constantly showing a curiosity for all that surrounds him or her.

This philosophy is reflected in the program, staff and all those connected with the Center. The staff teaches children as well as learns from them. The staff feels that learning is a continuous and constant process. Our staff believes and respects family cultural values and are enriched by their diversity.



The Child Care Center uses an anti-bias curriculum along with other materials to enhance the learning at the Center. Education skills are used to assist children and promote growth and development of the child.

All teaching staff are required to have an associate degree before obtaining employment at the Campus Child Care Center.

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