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The Vision of Student Services is dedicated to help students be successful in life. The staff in the Division believe that a significant amount of learning at college occurs outside of the classroom. In addition to utilizing the Student Advising Center or the Counseling and Advocacy Center for support and assistance, we encourage students to participate in programs and activities sponsored by Student Activities, the Intercultural Center, and Athletics. Enjoying living in Student Housing, seeking medical help from our Student Health Center, or taking advantage of the quality care offered to our students with children in the Child Care Center, we focus on all the ways we can help students be successful. Inclusive of the Office of the Dean of Student Services Office, Student Services offers quality services, and opportunities for students to have well-balanced college experience.

The Student Success Center

The Center’s staff provides academic support services including not limited to course selection and scheduling information about academic programs, availability of and continuing eligibility for financial aid, academic progress, and degree checks as part of the final preparation for graduation and degree conferral. Advising and success workshops for student athletes and workshops and counseling on Test Anxiety are provided. Advising is also provided to students seeking to transfer to four year colleges. The Student Success Center can be reached at 913-288-7696.

Student Housing

Student Housing provides a safe living environment that focus on community development, respect for others, enriching programs and activities, and a close connection on college resources. Student Housing staff make our residents comfortable and commit to community building programs. A focus on establishing a living/learning environment is a primary goal.

Student Activities

The mission of Student Activities is to promote intentional campus and community involvement, facilitate leadership development, and encourage student growth through active participation in student organizations, transformative leader ship opportunities, and cultural and recreational activities that is outside of the classroom to broaden the student’s community college experience. 

Intercultural Center

Intercultural Center Logo

The Intercultural Center is designed to provide students, faculty, staff, and local communities with an enriched environment that celebrates the cultural contributions of our diverse populations. Stop by the Intercultural Center for complimentary beverages, good conversation, and interaction with students, faculty, staff and community members. We are located on the Lower Level of the Jewell Building, room 2303.

The Counseling and Advocacy Center

The Counseling and Advocacy Center provides services which help students overcome life challenges so they will continue their education and be successful in life. This is accomplished through Personal Counseling, Victim Advocacy, Gender Advocacy Services for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students, Prevention and Educational Programs specific to substance abuse, smoking, and gambling addiction, Women’s Resource Center Library, and Resources for students with poverty issues, such as Clothing Bank and Food Pantry. A connecting for Veterans is also offered by the Center. 


Soccer PhotoThe intercollegiate athletics program is an integral part of Kansas City Kansas Community College. It is the duty of the Athletics Department to provide leadership in the development of values. These values include: intellectual, social, moral, emotional, and cultural growth, loyalty, cooperation, teamwork, physical health and an ability to accept responsibilities.  Athletics Site


KCKCC Gets New Library Management System

Kelly Rogge
Public Relations Officer
Monday, August 21, 2017
As Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) students return to campus this week, there will be a different way to check out materials from Library Services.

As Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) students return to campus this week, there will be a different way to check out materials from Library Services.

The Alma/Primo system is a library resource management system created by Ex Libres. It officially launched Aug. 15. The new library management system replaces the old and antiquated circulation platform that no longer fits the strategic objectives of the college.

“Our goal is to transform and amplify the positive learning and teaching experiences for our students and faculty when they use the services offered in the Learning Commons,” said Dr. Baz Abouelenein, KCKCC Chief Information Officer.

KCKCC needed a more robust system to handle the growing number of digital resource assets. Debra Newton, building liaison for the Learning Commons, said one of the best parts of Primo/Alma is that users can now see what resources they have checked out, when those resources are due, renew items and see what fines and fees they may owe from the same webpage that they conduct searches. It will also be a huge time saver for library personnel.

“It will cut down on the time it takes the library staff to perform various tasks such as cataloging, analytics and maintenance of records,” Newton said. “We are one of the first educational institutions to go from EOS (the older management system) to Alma.”

Newton said another benefit of Primo/Alma will be the ability for users to go to one page to find a variety of resources. This includes streaming videos, searching for electronic magazine articles, E-Books and traditional books all from one page. In addition, Primo will save the user’s searches.

“With our past ILS and Link Resolver (library computer system), patrons had to go to multiple web pages in order to do research. This is so much more user-friendly,” Newton said. “While it was a very complex system to set up (Primo/Alma), it will be a simple program for employees and students to use.”

A team of KCKCC employees has been involved with the Primo/Alma implementation, a process that started in January 2017. This team includes –Barbara Stransky, Dottie Hill, Clara Bolton, Teresa Bennett and Debra Newton, all from Library Services; Matthew Fowler, web designer; Peter Gabriel, Director of Network Services and Ruben Noguera, database administrator.

In addition, four individuals went through the process to become certified in Alma – Peter Gabriel, Dottie Hill, Matthew Fowler and Debra Newton. This certification requires more than 20 hours of videos, weekly meetings, practice and note taking to complete. Ex Libres requires certification to make sure an institution can operate the system. KCKCC opted to have several people certified since they all deal with different aspects of the management system.

Newton said all KCKCC faculty members that have library resources in their Online Courses are requested to check the links to ensure they are working properly. If the links are not operating correctly, they should contact Library Services at 913-288-7389 or contact Newton by email at

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