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The Vision of Student Services is dedicated to help students be successful in life. The staff in the Division believe that a significant amount of learning at college occurs outside of the classroom. In addition to utilizing the Student Advising Center or the Counseling and Advocacy Center for support and assistance, we encourage students to participate in programs and activities sponsored by Student Activities, the Intercultural Center, and Athletics. Enjoying living in Student Housing, seeking medical help from our Student Health Center, or taking advantage of the quality care offered to our students with children in the Child Care Center, we focus on all the ways we can help students be successful. Inclusive of the Office of the Dean of Student Services Office, Student Services offers quality services, and opportunities for students to have well-balanced college experience.

The Student Success Center

The Center’s staff provides academic support services including not limited to course selection and scheduling information about academic programs, availability of and continuing eligibility for financial aid, academic progress, and degree checks as part of the final preparation for graduation and degree conferral. Advising and success workshops for student athletes and workshops and counseling on Test Anxiety are provided. Advising is also provided to students seeking to transfer to four year colleges. The Student Success Center can be reached at 913-288-7696.

Student Housing

Student Housing provides a safe living environment that focus on community development, respect for others, enriching programs and activities, and a close connection on college resources. Student Housing staff make our residents comfortable and commit to community building programs. A focus on establishing a living/learning environment is a primary goal.

Student Activities

The mission of Student Activities is to promote intentional campus and community involvement, facilitate leadership development, and encourage student growth through active participation in student organizations, transformative leader ship opportunities, and cultural and recreational activities that is outside of the classroom to broaden the student’s community college experience. 

Intercultural Center

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The Intercultural Center is designed to provide students, faculty, staff, and local communities with an enriched environment that celebrates the cultural contributions of our diverse populations. Stop by the Intercultural Center for complimentary beverages, good conversation, and interaction with students, faculty, staff and community members. We are located on the Lower Level of the Jewell Building, room 2303.

The Counseling and Advocacy Center

The Counseling and Advocacy Center provides services which help students overcome life challenges so they will continue their education and be successful in life. This is accomplished through Personal Counseling, Victim Advocacy, Gender Advocacy Services for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students, Prevention and Educational Programs specific to substance abuse, smoking, and gambling addiction, Women’s Resource Center Library, and Resources for students with poverty issues, such as Clothing Bank and Food Pantry. A connecting for Veterans is also offered by the Center. 


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KCKCC Culinary Arts Dominates at SkillsUSA State Competition

Kelly Rogge
Public Information Supervisor
Tuesday, June 06, 2017
The Culinary Arts Program at Kansas City Kansas Community College’s Dr. Thomas R. Burke Technical Education Center has been on fire this year, and not just in the kitchen. So when KCKCC attended the Skills USA State competition in April, the results were no different leading the KCKCC contingency on the road to nationals.

The Culinary Arts Program at Kansas City Kansas Community College’s Dr. Thomas R. Burke Technical Education Center has been on fire this year, and not just in the kitchen. So when KCKCC attended the Skills USA State competition in April, the results were no different leading the KCKCC contingency on the road to nationals.

“Our students put in three to six hours every day to practice for all of these competitions. We knew that the students were ready for the competitions and would be a contender for a medal, hopefully a gold,” said Chef Cheryl Runnebaum, assistant professor of culinary arts at KCKCC-TEC. “Sometimes, we still have to ‘pinch ourselves’ to insure we are not dreaming. This type of success does not happen by luck; but by shear practice, dedication, determination and passion for the field.”

In addition to the Gold Medal KCKCC received at the ACF High School Team competition at Johnson County Community College in February, student Will Bowles received a Gold Medal at the Regional NAACP High School Culinary Arts Competition. He is traveling to the national competition in Baltimore, MD later this summer – a first for KCKCC. To close the year, KCKCC culinary arts brought home five gold medals from the Kansas SkillsUSA competition, sweeping all but one of the culinary arts categories. In total, KCKCC is sending 15 students to the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference June 19 to 23 in Louisville, Ky.

SkillsUSA is a career and technical student organization in the United States geared toward those enrolled in programs for skilled, technical and service occupations. The organization serves more than 300,000 students and instructors each year at the high school and post-secondary level. It also gives industry leaders an opportunity to mentor and recruit students into positions that are high in demand.

Students, who wish to compete in SkillsUSA, can do so at the local, state and national level. Categories range from culinary, building maintenance and automotive service technology to basic health care skills, collision repair technology, entrepreneurship and job skill demonstration. The idea is to give students the opportunity to compete in real world, hands-on situations. First place winners at the state level move onto the national competition.

“SkillsUSA is an outstanding organization that focuses on making leaders in the various industries/trades and prepare students/members for the real world,” Runnebaum said. “These competitions are just one aspect of SkillsUSA. They host numerous conferences and workshops at the local, state and national level throughout the year. These conferences focuses on the different pillars of SkillsUSA with the ultimate goal of preparing students for the workforce.”

State SkillsUSA Results

Gold (National Qualifier)

  • Nancy Mascote - Commercial Baking (HS)
  • Stephen Craft -  Commercial Baking (PS)
  • Megan Sixta - Cosmetology (PS)
  • Daniel Tapia-Silva - Culinary Arts (PS)
  • Armando Miranda - Culinary Arts (HS)
  • Cassandra Puletapuai - Extemporaneous Speaking (PS)
  • Christopher Rasa - Major Appliance (HS)
  • Raymond Forbes - Major Appliance (PS)
  • Melanie Saunders - Nail Care (HS)
  • Madison Martinez - Nail Care (HS) (Model)
  • Alejandra Lee - Nail Care (HS)
  • Becky Pulliam - Nail Care (PS) (Model)
  • Ben Smith – Plumbing (PS)
  • Christina Balora – Restaurant Service (PS)
  • Jasmine Hargrove – Job Skill Demo A (PCC-PS)***


  • Tara Mendenhall – Commercial Baking (HS)
  • Fabiola Aguilar – Cosmetology (HS)
  • Megan Hadley – First Aid/CPR (PCC-HS)
  • Abigail Hopkins – Health Knowledge Bowl (PCC-HS)
  • Britten Hout - Health Knowledge Bowl (PCC-HS)
  • Savannah Lake - Health Knowledge Bowl (PCC-HS)
  • Taylor Schmitt - Health Knowledge Bowl (PCC-HS)
  • Joseph Deblois – Major Appliance (PCC-HS)
  • Noah Deherrera – Major Appliance (PCC-PS)
  • Precious Edgar – Nail Care (PS)
  • Tia Gladney – Nail Care (PS) (Model)
  • Adelaide Clendinen – Restaurant Services (PS)
  • Kayla Eagles – Welding Fabrication (PS)
  • Colton Hagge – Welding Fabrication (PS)
  • Blaine Hedlund – Welding Fabrication (PS)


  • Kayden McCrary – Commercial Baking (HS)
  • Narda Cabral-Beltran – Cosmetology (PS)
  • Dustin Scott – Collision Repair Technology (PS)
  • Ariana Sanchez-Ruiz – Criminal Justice (PS)
  • William La Pee – Job Skill Demo A (PCC-HS)
  • Mitchell White – Major Appliance (PS)
  • Diana Valenzuela-Silva – Nail Care (PS)
  • Evelin Ortiz – Nail Care (PS) Model)
  • Nicholas Minarsky – Restaurant Services (PCC-HS)

** (HS) – High School

** (PS) – Post-Secondary

*** Silver medalist, but is going to nationals because the Gold Medal winner declined the invitation.

For more information on SkillsUSA, contact Jake Carmack at or by calling 913-288-7858.

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