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The Vision of Student Services is dedicated to help students be successful in life. The staff in the Division believe that a significant amount of learning at college occurs outside of the classroom. In addition to utilizing the Student Advising Center or the Counseling and Advocacy Center for support and assistance, we encourage students to participate in programs and activities sponsored by Student Activities, the Intercultural Center, and Athletics. Enjoying living in Student Housing, seeking medical help from our Student Health Center, or taking advantage of the quality care offered to our students with children in the Child Care Center, we focus on all the ways we can help students be successful. Inclusive of the Office of the Dean of Student Services Office, Student Services offers quality services, and opportunities for students to have well-balanced college experience.

The Student Success Center

The Center’s staff provides academic support services including not limited to course selection and scheduling information about academic programs, availability of and continuing eligibility for financial aid, academic progress, and degree checks as part of the final preparation for graduation and degree conferral. Advising and success workshops for student athletes and workshops and counseling on Test Anxiety are provided. Advising is also provided to students seeking to transfer to four year colleges. The Student Success Center can be reached at 913-288-7696.

Student Housing

Student Housing provides a safe living environment that focus on community development, respect for others, enriching programs and activities, and a close connection on college resources. Student Housing staff make our residents comfortable and commit to community building programs. A focus on establishing a living/learning environment is a primary goal.

Student Activities

The mission of Student Activities is to promote intentional campus and community involvement, facilitate leadership development, and encourage student growth through active participation in student organizations, transformative leader ship opportunities, and cultural and recreational activities that is outside of the classroom to broaden the student’s community college experience. 

Intercultural Center

Intercultural Center Logo

The Intercultural Center is designed to provide students, faculty, staff, and local communities with an enriched environment that celebrates the cultural contributions of our diverse populations. Stop by the Intercultural Center for complimentary beverages, good conversation, and interaction with students, faculty, staff and community members. We are located on the Lower Level of the Jewell Building, room 2303.

The Counseling and Advocacy Center

The Counseling and Advocacy Center provides services which help students overcome life challenges so they will continue their education and be successful in life. This is accomplished through Personal Counseling, Victim Advocacy, Gender Advocacy Services for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students, Prevention and Educational Programs specific to substance abuse, smoking, and gambling addiction, Women’s Resource Center Library, and Resources for students with poverty issues, such as Clothing Bank and Food Pantry. A connecting for Veterans is also offered by the Center. 


Soccer PhotoThe intercollegiate athletics program is an integral part of Kansas City Kansas Community College. It is the duty of the Athletics Department to provide leadership in the development of values. These values include: intellectual, social, moral, emotional, and cultural growth, loyalty, cooperation, teamwork, physical health and an ability to accept responsibilities.  Athletics Site


KCKCC Board of Trustees Approves Resolution on Immigration

Kelly Rogge
Public Information Supervisor
Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Kansas City Kansas Community College is standing behind its faculty, staff and students - no matter their immigration status.

Kansas City Kansas Community College is standing behind its faculty, staff and students - no matter their immigration status.

“The immigration orders and other actions of the current administration in Washington D.C. have made many of our students and employees worried and confused about their futures and the futures of their families,” said KCKCC President Dr. Doris Givens. “We at Kansas City Kansas Community College are very proud of our diverse population – students, staff and faculty All are crucial to the strength and success of our college.”

The KCKCC Board of Trustees approved a resolution April 21 on how immigration issues will be handled on the campus in the future. The resolution is in response to the growing concern among students and faculty in the United States that immigration enforcement actions could affect their education rights.

The following guidelines will be followed absent any applicable federal, state or local law/regulations or ordinance:

  • All requests made of the college by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials to access school property shall be processed through the designated college contact person who will consult with legal counsel to ensure compliance with the law.
  • KCKCC Campus Police will not act on behalf of federal agents to enforce federal immigration laws or share anyone’s immigration status unless there is a warrant.
  • College faculty or staff will continue to strictly adhere to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines and protect confidential information, which includes immigration status.
  • The college will designate a contact person who will respond swiftly to all inquiries from faculty or staff regarding ICE requests or encounters.
  • The college will not tolerate any discrimination against students or others based on immigration status.

“We want to state clearly that we support our students, faculty and staff, regardless of national heritage or immigration status,” Givens said. “We value the contributions to our community from the many people from other parts of the world who study and work here. We will safeguard the dignity and humanity of all individuals on campus.”

Givens said she has also joined with more than 600 other college and university leaders in signing a letter, which calls for the continuation of the Deferred Action for Children Arrivals (DACA) program. DACA allows certain undocumented immigrants who entered the United States as children to receive a renewable two-year deferred action from deportation. The policy allows these individuals to go to school and be eligible for a work permit. To read the full statement visit

“This is a moment in our history that is making many people feel afraid and uncertain,” Givens said. “I hope that all students, faculty and staff feel welcome and safe in our college environment. We must all try to reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that KCKCC campuses are free from discrimination and bigotry, so that we can work, teach and learn in tolerant and supportive spaces.”

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