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The Vision of Student Services is dedicated to help students be successful in life. The staff in the Division believe that a significant amount of learning at college occurs outside of the classroom. In addition to utilizing the Student Advising Center or the Counseling and Advocacy Center for support and assistance, we encourage students to participate in programs and activities sponsored by Student Activities, the Intercultural Center, and Athletics. Enjoying living in Student Housing, seeking medical help from our Student Health Center, or taking advantage of the quality care offered to our students with children in the Child Care Center, we focus on all the ways we can help students be successful. Inclusive of the Office of the Dean of Student Services Office, Student Services offers quality services, and opportunities for students to have well-balanced college experience.

The Student Success Center

The Center’s staff provides academic support services including not limited to course selection and scheduling information about academic programs, availability of and continuing eligibility for financial aid, academic progress, and degree checks as part of the final preparation for graduation and degree conferral. Advising and success workshops for student athletes and workshops and counseling on Test Anxiety are provided. Advising is also provided to students seeking to transfer to four year colleges. The Student Success Center can be reached at 913-288-7696.

Student Housing

Student Housing provides a safe living environment that focus on community development, respect for others, enriching programs and activities, and a close connection on college resources. Student Housing staff make our residents comfortable and commit to community building programs. A focus on establishing a living/learning environment is a primary goal.

Student Activities

The mission of Student Activities is to promote intentional campus and community involvement, facilitate leadership development, and encourage student growth through active participation in student organizations, transformative leader ship opportunities, and cultural and recreational activities that is outside of the classroom to broaden the student’s community college experience. 

Intercultural Center

Intercultural Center Logo

The Intercultural Center is designed to provide students, faculty, staff, and local communities with an enriched environment that celebrates the cultural contributions of our diverse populations. Stop by the Intercultural Center for complimentary beverages, good conversation, and interaction with students, faculty, staff and community members. We are located on the Lower Level of the Jewell Building, room 2303.

The Counseling and Advocacy Center

The Counseling and Advocacy Center provides services which help students overcome life challenges so they will continue their education and be successful in life. This is accomplished through Personal Counseling, Victim Advocacy, Gender Advocacy Services for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students, Prevention and Educational Programs specific to substance abuse, smoking, and gambling addiction, Women’s Resource Center Library, and Resources for students with poverty issues, such as Clothing Bank and Food Pantry. A connecting for Veterans is also offered by the Center. 


Soccer PhotoThe intercollegiate athletics program is an integral part of Kansas City Kansas Community College. It is the duty of the Athletics Department to provide leadership in the development of values. These values include: intellectual, social, moral, emotional, and cultural growth, loyalty, cooperation, teamwork, physical health and an ability to accept responsibilities.  Athletics Site


Register Now for KCKCC-Leavenworth’s Criminal Law Course

College Relations
Thursday, August 14, 2014
The Kansas City Kansas Community College-Leavenworth Center has a great option available for those students interested in a career in criminal justice.

The Kansas City Kansas Community College-Leavenworth Center has a great option available for those students interested in a career in criminal justice.

CRJS 203 Criminal Law meets from 6 to 9 p.m. Tuesdays at KCKCC-Leavenworth Center, Aug. 19 to Dec. 16. The cost for Kansas residents, active duty military and family members is $264.

 This course provides a comprehensive overview of the classification and components of crimes, with particular emphasis on common and Kansas criminal law. Students will be provided basic theories of substantive criminal law and will develop the ability to identify crimes and to ascertain lesser charges that may be appropriate. Emphasis will also be place on using examples based on actual court cases. The nature, sources and typed of criminal law will be examined.

 Some of the topics that will be discussed include historical perspectives; the modern U.S. legal system; the principles of criminality; causation; criminal attempt; criminal law in the news; criminal conspiracy; criminal solicitation; types of defenses; use of deadly force; resisting arrest; excuses and insanity; criminal homicide; murder; manslaughter; negligent homicide; vehicular homicide; assault, battery and other personal crimes; property and computer crimes such as theft, larceny and embezzlement; public order crimes such as fighting and vagrancy; terrorism and human trafficking; offenses against public morality and punishment and sentencing, among others.

 The instructor of the course is Terra Morehead. After graduating from Washburn University School of Law in 1986,  she became a state court prosecutor first as the Kiowa County Attorney in Greensburg, Kan. and then as an Assistant District Attorney in the Wyandotte County District Attorney’s Office in Kansas City, Kan. As a state court prosecutor, she has handled violent crimes that include child abuse, sex crimes and homicides. In 2002, Morehead became an Assistant United States Attorney; handling firearm related crimes, as well as, complex drug prosecutions.  She has taught at KCKCC for approximately 17 years as an adjunct professor, in criminal justice related courses.

 For more information on how to register for this course, contact the KCKCC-Leavenworth Center at 651-2111.

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