Wellness & Fitness Center Information Guide

The wellness staff will provide expert, accurate information, remain current in their field of knowledge, and will respond in a timely manner to suggestions made by the members. The wellness staff will work as a team to achieve these goals.

Courtesy Policies

Sign-Up Procedure

There is a sign-up procedure on specific pieces of equipment during any one visit in the Wellness Center. Please use the sign-up sheets provided, and complete your exercise when it is the next person's time, regardless of whether you get exactly fifteen minutes on the machine. Use the clock on the wall for time. If another member is abusing this policy, please contact a staff member.

Weight Room Rules (2910)

The wight room is available as long as there is not a weight training class in session. See the east bulletin board for rules of the weight room. Never lift weights by yourself. Always ask a member of staff to help you in the weight room if you are trying something new. We highly recommend that you take a weight training class at least once, or sign up for a personal trainer. Do not drop the weights on the floor, as there are classrooms and offices below. Use the weight collars provided. Return the weight equipment to the proper storage location when you are done. Please don't be offended if a staff member corrects your technique. This is in your best interest, to ensure you do not get injured from poor technique.

The Aerobic Studio (2906)

The aerobic studio is a privilege for those enrolled in our aerobic classes, and other activity classes. Please do not wear street shoes on the suspended wood floor. We highly recommend that you keep your aerobic shoes for indoor use only. All injuries, illnesses, or other problems should be brought immediately to your instructor.

Multi-Purpose Room (2901)

The Multi-Purpose room is designed for Exercise Science classes, as well as seminars and fitness screenings. Wellness students are encouraged to use this location for studying.

Locker/Shower Rooms

There are restrooms with lockers on both levels of the Allied Health Building. The showers are located on the lower level. Lockers are for daily use only. Please remove your belongings after your workout. Please bring your own lock. Please do not leave locks on the lockers over night. A towel service is available at the front desk.

Emergency Procedures

If any injury occurs, please contact a member of the Wellness & Fitness staff immediately. First Aid supplies are available at the Center and will be dispensed with discretion by the staff member on duty. In the event of an emergency, the (college nurse) Student Health Services/Comprehensive Health Resource Center and Campus Police will be notified for further action. Accident report forms must be completed by each injured party. Please cooperate fully with this procedure.

Fire and Tornado Procedures

The fire alarm is a fluctuating warble siren, and the tornado warning is a continuous siren blast for about 45 seconds. In the event of a fire, go directly to the nearest exit and remain outside until you are instructed it is safe to re-enter by the Wellness & Fitness Center staff, who will have been notified by the Fire Department or Campus Police. Do not use the elevator. Fire alarms and extinguishers are located conspicuously in the Allied Health Building. In the event of a tornado, go to the restrooms on the lower level. Stay away from glassed areas. When it is determined that the threat of a tornado no longer exists, the Campus Police will sound an "all clear" signal which will consist of three short siren blasts.


The Wellness & Fitness Center accepts payments at the beginning of every spring, summer and fall semester. Please bring your check or money order, payable to KCKCC, and a photo ID. Each semester members are required to complete an enrollment form, and each year a medical history from is required. New members must schedule a fitness screening/orientation appointment. Please bring your medical history information to this appointment. Prices subject to change, please check at the front desk.

The Fitness Screening & Orientation

You will be asked to sign the consent and release form and provide your medical history by answering health questions, which will be kept confidential. We will check your resting heart rate and blood pressure as part of your screening. If you are a male over 45 or a female over 55, or if you have any medical problems, you will need to bring a doctor's release to exercise. For your convenience, we will accept a fax from your doctor's office with your approval to exercise. Our fax number is (913) 288-7649. Following the fitness screening, new students will receive an orientations and tour of the facility. This is a good time to ask fitness-related questions.

All students are required to bring a student ID card each time they visit the Wellness & Fitness Center. Prices are subject to change. Please check with the Business Office or Wellness and Fitness Center staff.

ID Card

A KCKCC ID card will be issued to you at Campus Police once you have enrolled. The ID card must be shown each time you enter the Wellness & Fitness Center. We will time you in on the log-in computer, file your card at the front desk, and then time you out when you have completed your workout. There will be a replacement fee for lost ID cards.


Parking is available outside the center, in the CEB lot, and in the Child Care Lot. You must have a valid parking sticker from Campus Police to park in the student spaces.


The Wellness & Fitness Center opened in the Spring of 1992 in the Field House Building. It was initially recommended by the Wellness Committee on campus as a place for employees to exercise while at at work. Space was available in the Field House that amounted to about 900 square feet. The popularity of the program was evident, as students and members of the community signed up for the courses. Enrollment reached 200 the first semester, and over the first four years grew to 900 members. Ned for more space was evident, and a larger facility was proposed.

In January 1997, the new Wellness & Fitness Center opened in the Allied Health Building. This facility has 11,000 square feet of space an indoor track, aerobic studio, weight room and space for cardiovascular equipment and stretching. It was designed for the benefit of the KCKCC employees, the students, and the members of our community. We hope you use it as often as you can!

Rules and Regulations

  1. Participants are required to be currently enrolled in an activity course in order to use the KCKCC Wellness & Fitness Center (WFC) facility. All participants are responsible for being familiar and complying with the policies and regulations of the WFC. Please see the front desk with any questions.
  2. Participants must be 18 years of age or older to exercise in the WFC. Children and infants are not allowed in the facility at any time. If you need childcare, please contact the Child Care Center on campus at (913) 288-7615 for times and availability.
  3. Participants are required to have a current KCKCC Student ID card to workout. Driver's Licenses are unacceptable. Student ID cards are free of charge and are issued through the Campus Police Department.
  4. Participants are required to “Log in” and “Log out” at the front desk during each workout visit to the WFC in order to get credit for that workout. Participants that leave the facility for any reason are considered to have finished their workout and will be “Logged Out”.
  5. Participants are required to put forth an effort to exercise during each workout visit. Loitering will not be tolerated. Workouts are to be completed inside the WFC.
  6. Participants are required to complete 22 workout hours inside the WFC before they are allowed to exercise outdoors for credit.
  7. Participants are required to follow acceptable rules of conduct at all times. Inappropriate conduct or language that is distracting or offensive to other participants or WFC employees will not be tolerated. This includes abusive, offensive, insulting, profane or demeaning language. Violators are subject to immediate removal from the premises with possible loss of WFC privileges.
  8. Participants should immediately report to a WFC staff member if any of the following situations were to occur while in the facility, but not limited to: Medical or non-medical emergencies, criminal activity, lost or abandoned items. The Campus Police Department will then be notified for further action.
  9. Participants are allowed three (3) guests per semester at no charge. Limit of three (3) visits per guest. All guests are required to complete a consent and release form prior to exercise and must be accompanied by the sponsoring member during the workout visit. Guests must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
  10. Participants are encouraged to use a workout towel while exercising. Use your workout towel to wipe sweat from weights, benches and other equipment. Towel service is available at the front desk at no charge or can be brought from home.
  11. Please limit the amount of perfume or cologne use during your exercise time in the facility.
  12. Observe proper personal hygiene by showering regularly, wearing clean clothing and using deodorant.
  13. Participants are required to wear proper workout attire while exercising. The WFC staff reserves the right to determine what appropriate workout attire is.
  14. No smoking, smokeless tobacco products, alcohol and illicit drugs are permitted in the WFC. Participants under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave the facility.
  15. Absolutely no WFC equipment will be loaned out or borrowed at any time.
  16. All personal items should be stored in a locker. Participants are responsible for having their own lock. Absolutely no gym bags are allowed in workout areas. Lockers are available for “Day Use Only” during workout periods. They can not be used for overnight storage. Failure to do so within 48 hours will result in your lock and locker contents being removed by the Campus Police Department.
  17. The WFC will not be liable to any participant or other person for personal property of either inherent worth or sentimental value that is either lost or abandoned in the facility. Personal property not in the custody of the participant and unsecured is considered to be lost or abandoned. Personal property left in the facility overnight, either secured or unsecured, is considered to be lost or abandoned upon discovery. Any property lost or abandoned on the premises will be turned over to the Campus Police Department. WFC employees are not responsible for any participants personal items held at the front desk.
  18. Participants unfamiliar with the use of a specific piece of equipment should ask a WFC staff member for assistance. Personal training is available; inquire at the front desk for details.
  19. Please refrain from using cell phones in any area of the facility except in the front desk lobby area. When in these areas, please keep these devices on 'vibrate' or a very quiet ring. Conversations should be kept brief and as quiet as possible. To protect the privacy of all members, camera-phones are not allowed in any areas of the facility, restrooms included.
  20. Food is only allowed at the table in the front desk lobby area. Beverages in plastic containers are allowed in all exercise areas. Glass containers are not allowed.
  21. Animals (excluding service dogs) are not allowed in the WFC at any time.
  22. Please do not verbally reprimand any WFC employee about the music or television selection(s). Personal headphones are acceptable. Please ask for a WFC employee’s assistance regarding the selection of television stations. Stations are pre-determined and can only be changed from the front desk area.
  23. Participants will be responsible for any repair or replacement costs due to intentional damage or destruction to college property or its contents.
  24. No spitting in the WFC or in the water fountains. Violators will be asked to leave the facility.
  25. Incomplete grades will not be given for any WFC classes except for medical reasons. A written letter from your physician is required.

Safety Tips

  1. Before you start your workout program you must perform a 5-10 minute warm-up, either using a bike, treadmill, or walking on the track. This gradually raises your heart rate and warms up your muscles before stretching.
  2. After completion of your workout, ride the bike or walk slowly to allow your heart rate to return to a resting level. Stay in the Wellness & Fitness Center until your heart rate is under 100 beats per minute. This is a good time to do your stretching routine.
  3. Keep your hands away from the weights and moving parts while you or anyone else is on the machine.
  4. Lift weights by bending at the knees, not the back.
  5. If you are unsure of how to use a machine, ask the fitness specialist on staff.
  6. Tell us if you develop a new medical condition. Examples would be prolonged illness, recent surgery, pregnancy, or an injury.
  7. Know your target heart rate! If you do not know what your target heats rate is or are having trouble finding it, contact the Personal Training Staff.
  8. Do not exceed your target heart rate. Take it periodically throughout your workout. If you are above your target heart rate, slow down. If you experience nausea, dizziness or any other physicals problems, stop exercising immediately and contact the fitness specialist on staff.
  9. If you are injured:
    • Do not try to move. Stop exercise immediately!
    • If able, call for the fitness specialist.
    • Fill out a written accident report regardless of how minor the injury may seem.
  10. Since many individuals are unaware of their physical condition, it is recommended that you consult a physician before beginning an exercise program. If you are over 40, have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or recent surgery, we strongly urge (and may require) that you to consult your physician.
  11. If you ever feel faint or experience sudden dizziness, extreme shortness of breath, or pain in the chest, abdominal area, or arms, stop exercising immediately and seek the assistance of one of the fitness center instructors!!
  12. Remember - A fitness program requires patience, persistence, and perspiration. You cannot become fit in one day or one week by working extra hard!

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