KCKCC and PAC General Guidelines


  1. KCKCC is a smoke Free campus. The use of all tobacco products including vapor and e-cigarettes is prohibited
  2. The use of alcoholic beverages on college property is prohibited.
  3. The possession, use, consumption, or distribution of any illicit drug on college property is prohibited.
  4. KCKCC reserves the right to schedule other activities and events in other parts of the building not covered by the Facility Approved Request..
  5. The individual requesting the facility usage is responsible for being present for the duration of the event and monitoring the appropriate behavior of the group. This includes confining the group to the rooms, corridors, and restrooms for the times agreed upon.
  6. Any signs/banners advertising goods/services and/or decorations must be approved in advance. KCKCC reserves the right to remove any such materials that risk damage to the facilities or conflict with College policies.
  7. Failure to pay fees or comply with College guidelines may result in the denial of future rentals and/or recovery action. Rental confirmations are non-transferrable. (That is, facilities may not be “sublet.”)
  8. The user and the organizational group shall be responsible for all damage or loss to the building, facilities, and equipment as well as any additional fees incurred due to excessive cleanup or exceeding the agreed upon times of use . Should the College be exposed to any liability as a result of facilities rented for an event, KCKCC reserves the right to deny future requests or require additional liability insurance from the renter.


The use of the Performing Arts Center (PAC) is intended for temporary, occasional use. It is not intended for permanent or ongoing usage by any individual or group, outside the scope of the College’s educational mission. To assist in keeping the facility enjoyable for all, please note:

  1. Food and beverages are not allowed in the auditorium of the PAC. Approval for concessions in the lobby may be made at the production meeting. The renter is responsible for ensuring payment of relevant taxes to the State of Kansas.
  2. KCKCC holds licenses with SESAC, ASCAP, and BMI, the organizations that collect and distribute license fees for the music industry. However, these agreements only apply to College entities. Renters are responsible for contacting the appropriate licensing agency and paying relevant fees for music used in their presentations/performances.
  3. Only KCKCC equipment (sound reinforcement, lighting, etc.) may be used in the PAC without prior approval by the TD. If approved, these must be noted in the rental agreement. Additional fees may apply.
  4. The use of open flames or other pyrotechnic effects is prohibited. 
  5. No paint, tape, nails, glues, carpentry, electrical, or other construction work may be done on the facility without prior approval by the Technical Director (TD).
  6. Admittance to the scene shop or catwalk areas is restricted to College personnel without prior approval by the TD.
  7. Based upon artistic freedom, programs containing vulgarity or violence may be approved for presentation in the PAC. However, the renter assumes the responsibility of informing audience members prior to the start of the presentation through signage, advisory notices, and/or announcement.

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